Woman Uses Dramatic Side By Side Photos To Make A Point About Fashion Pressures On Plus Size Women

If you want to dress in a tight sheer top, then do it and look fierce. If you want to dress in sweatpants, then rock those sweatpants and indulge in their comfort. "What matters is that you feel like a 10, or that you are working towards that number (because you deserve to feel good about yourself!)," she wrote. 

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"Confidence isn't just how we look; it can also be seen in how we speak, and in how we treat ourselves and others," she continued. Just remember that when you're getting ready tomorrow morning.

Source : http://thestir.cafemom.com/healthy_living/207856/body_image_conformity_instagram

Woman Uses Dramatic Side-by-Side Photos to Make a Point About Fashion Pressures on Plus-Size Women
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