Where To Get This Week\'s 12 Best Sneaker Releases

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One of our favorite things about BAPE as a brand is its tendency to be bold and brash, using stylized camouflage to the best effect. But sometimes, it goes in the opposite direction, and that unexpected move makes the results even better. The brand paired up with Dr. Martens on two different shoes in two different colors, bringing the camo to Dr. Martens' iconic silhouettes, thanks to debossed leathers. Both boots and shoes are available in oxblood and black, the most ubiquitous Dr Martens colors. Now you can get that seminal look with a very cool twist. Release was initially scheduled for January 27, but with news about the styles breaking sooner than anticipated, we'd recommend keeping an eye out for early pairs.

Source : http://www.esquire.com/style/mens-fashion/g15339145/weekend-sneaker-releases-shoes-1-19/

Where to Get This Week's 12 Best Sneaker Releases
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