What To Expect From Each Kansas City Chiefs Starter In 2013 14

On August 29, your love for football was tested in a way that it hadn't been in exactly 364 days. 

Yes, a rejuvenated Andy Reid accompanied his revamped Kansas City Chiefs out of their tunnel and into a blood-red nucleus of noise. 

Yes, boos showered the field as the Discount Double Checking demigod, Aaron Rodgers, jogged onto rival territory while flaunting his signature smug grin. 

Yes, I'm selling that Game 4 of the preseason was must-see TV and flunking by the character. 

The truth? Alex Smith didn't participate in a single series, and Reid was more protective of Jamaal Charles than he was with his first daughter on prom night. 

The Green Bay Packers would've tempted fate if Rodgers dared take a snap. If Cheesehead nation witnessed No. 12 suffer the same fate as Mark Sanchez, Chick-fil-A cows would've paratrooped down on Mike McCarthy's patio by midnight. He was rendered a sideline spectator as well.

A Tyler Bray-led Kansas City squad trampled its Wisconsin guests by 22 points.

But still, Week 4 preseason games are only played because they're required to be. They're like the kid who's always picked last in basketball because he shoots double-handed and dribbles the ball like he's whacking a mole. 

Opening day is next on the menu, and now it's all about the starters. The Chiefs' group of 22 is one weekend away from unshackling the playbook and unveiling their best-kept secrets. But what should you expect? And from whom?

PFF (Pro Football Focus) gauges how the Chiefs' starters performed in 2012, juxtaposing them with their league-wide counterparts who partook in 25 percent of their team's offensive or defensive snaps.


Statistics provided by Pro Football Focus (subscription required). 

Source : http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1646443-what-to-expect-from-each-kansas-city-chiefs-starter-in-2013-14

What to Expect from Each Kansas City Chiefs Starter in 2013-14
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