What Are You Putting On The Front Burner? B2B Marketing Predictions And Recommendations For 2018

My overarching prediction for 2018 is that more and more B2B marketers will stop hiding behind vanity metrics like click-through rates and low-cost leads and finally get down to the business of driving real business impact. I say this because I’ve already observed it happening in spades with our own clients.

More than ever before, we’re seeing our clients’ sales teams looking to marketing as a key collaborator. And marketing is responding by focusing more and more on what sales really needs: account-based insights and buying-center-focused support. Over the next year, I think my prediction will become exceedingly visible in three specific areas:

1. Investment will double down on solving root cause issues

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What are you putting on the front burner? B2B marketing predictions and recommendations for 2018
B2B marketing predictions and recommendations for 2018
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