We Asked Some Authors What Books They\'re Cosying Up With This Winter

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"I love a fireside book with a sense of the elements closing in. Gales and sea spray lash your face in this dashing adventure. Our heroine, fiercely desiring freedom from the fripperies of Restoration London (and a vapid husband) escapes to the isolated Lizard peninsula – beautifully evoked by du Maurier, who had a lifelong love affair with Cornwall. Here she encounters a broodingly cultured French buccaneer, who, when not plundering the 'possessions' of Les Rosbifs, spends his time hiding out in Frenchman's Creek, sketching sea birds and cooking freshly caught fish on the foreshore. Love and a sense of true freedom ensue as she joins the ship's crew – but will they be captured and hung by the King's men or escape to fight and love another day?"

– Ed Vere , author of Grumpy Frog, Banana, and Bedtime for Monsters. Get copies here.

Source : https://www.buzzfeed.com/chelseypippin/we-asked-some-authors-what-books-theyre-cosying-up-with

We Asked Some Authors What Books They're Cosying Up With This Winter
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