We Asked Some Authors What Books They\'re Cosying Up With This Winter

We’ve gathered a selection of children’s and YA authors to meet at this year’s Winter Institute.

Picture Books

Hello Hello

By Brendan Wenzel

Chronicle Books, Mar.

$17.99 hardcover

Ages 3–5

Announced first printing: 75,000

Why the buzz: “The animals are irresistible, and Brendan’s mastery of color and texture and mixed media is breathtaking. But what I love most of all is how the book, just like nature, celebrates the diversity, interconnectedness, and preciousness of living things in a way that seems simple at first glance but becomes more complex and absorbing the longer you look.”—Ginee Seo, executive publishing director, children’s books, Chronicle

Publicity & marketing plans: Author appearances; floor display; animated trailer; print and online advertising; posters, teacher guides, and activity kits.

Opening: “Hello Hello”

First Star: A Bear and Mole Story

By Will Hillenbrand

Holiday House, May

$17.99 hardcover

Ages 3


First printing: 15,000

Why the buzz: “We’re thrilled to share the newest Bear and Mole story from Will Hillenbrand. First Star is the fifth book in the series since 2012, and this gentle friendship tale is full of summer magic: overnight camping, stargazing and storytelling. Will’s Bear and Mole books are favorites across the country with their endearing characters and heartfelt stories. They’re perfect for sharing and reading aloud.”—Mary Cash, v-p, editor-in-chief, Holiday House

Publicity & marketing plans: Select author appearances; White Box mailing; full-color poster with lesson plans and activity sheets for all Bear and Mole books on reverse; TeachingBooks.net giveaway with raffle for author Skype visit.

Opening: “Mole gazed up. ‘May we sleep under the stars tonight?’ asked Mole. ‘I want to see the stars turn on.’ ”

Magnolia’s Magnificent Map: A Walnut Animal Society Book

By Lauren Bradshaw

Cameron Kids, Apr.

$16.95 hardcover

Ages 4—8

First printing: 5,000

Why the buzz: “We’re so excited for Magnolia’s Magnificent Map, the second book in our Walnut Animal Society series, which is inspired by author Lauren Bradshaw’s hand-sewn stuffed animal line of the same name. We love the main character of this book, Magnolia the Bunny, who is an empowering example for girls (and boys); though initially discouraged, she perseveres. Fun feature: her map is printed on the underside of the dust jacket, which folds out into a poster.”—Emma Kallok, marketing and publicity manager, Cameron + Company

Publicity & marketing plans: Appearances in Nashville; social media giveaways; Walnut Animal Society ancillary items.

Opening: “Deep in the shade of the walnut grove, the members of the Walnut Animal Society are busy preparing for a very special evening.”

Alma and How She Got Her Name

By Juana Martinez-Neal

Candlewick Press, Apr.

$15.99 hardcover

Ages 4–8

Why the buzz: “Everyone who has met curious, creative Alma—or her gifted creator—has fallen in love. There’s a universal appeal to hearing the story of your name, and rising star Juana Martinez-Neal’s beautiful art in her debut as author-illustrator brings the story of a little girl with what she thinks is a too-long name to vivid life. We’re especially excited to be publishing simultaneously in English and Spanish.”—Jennifer Roberts, v-p, publicity, and executive director, marketing campaigns, Candlewick Press

Publicity & marketing plans: Author appearances; consumer, trade, school, and library advertising; national publicity campaign; librarian and teacher outreach; activity kit; poster and limited-edition prints; promotion at conferences and previews.

Opening: “Alma Sofia Esperanza José Pura Candela had a long name—too long, if you asked her.”

Baby Monkey, Private Eye

By Brian Selznick and David Serlin

Scholastic Press, Feb.

$16.99 hardcover

Ages 4—8

Why the buzz: “Baby Monkey is an everyday hero (with a special skill) for every child. Brian Selznick and David Serlin have created a hilarious, loving ode to newfound independence and reading. I love this book for introducing a ridiculously cute new character, for making me laugh out loud, and for the care, humor, and affection with which Brian and David have crafted a new kind of reading experience. Young children will be emboldened to read (really read) and conquer a grownup size book. Plus Selznick’s richly detailed illustrations are some of his best ever.”—Tracy Mack, v-p, publisher, Scholastic trade

Publicity & marketing plans: Select author appearances; advertising; animated trailer; social media campaign; dedicated web page with downloadables; display case; stickers.

Opening: “WAIT!”

Up in the Leaves: The True Story of the Central Park Treehouses

By Shira Boss

Sterling Children’s Books, Mar.


Ages 5—8

First printing: 15,000

Why the buzz: “I was fascinated when I first heard the story of Up in the Leaves: the idea of someone secretly building elaborate treehouses in Central Park seems unbelievable, but it’s true. Bob Redman constructed 13 in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Shira Boss, who’s married to Bob, gives readers much to delight in and learn from—making and engineering, nature and preservation, persistence, and finding a way to be yourself no matter where you are.”—Christina Pulles, senior editor, Sterling Children’s Books

Publicity & marketing plans: Author events including school and library visits; advertising

regional email marketing campaign; discussion guide; bookmarks and shelf-talkers social media campaign; Goodreads giveaways.

Opening: “Bob lived in the big city. The city was very crowded. It was crowded with buildings, stacked side by side.”

Irving Berlin, the Immigrant Boy Who Made America Sing

By Nancy Churnin

Creston Books, June

$17.99 hardcover

Ages 7—10

Why the buzz: “We’re excited about this book as a wonderful portrait of the American dream and melting pot mixed into one. Irving Berlin came to America as a five-year-old refugee and started singing about his new home. From Broadway musicals to “God Bless America,” Berlin’s music still defines the American spirit. The book is supported by the Berlin family and Ted Chapin of the Irving Berlin Music Company.”—Marissa Moss, editor/publisher, Creston Books

Publicity & marketing plans: Author appearances; blog tour; promotion at major conferences and at Jewish Community Centers; tie into the 100th anniversary of Berlin writing “God Bless America” and 80th of Kate Smith first singing it.

Opening: “Irving stood on tiptoe to see over the rail. Behind him, too far to glimpse, was Russia where angry Cossacks had burned his family’s home to ashes. Ahead was America. What would they find there?”

Middle Grade


By Ethan Aldridge

HarperCollins, Aug.

Simo: $21.99 hardcover; $12.99 paperback

Ages 8–12

First printing: 75,000

Why the buzz: “With more than 200 pages of gorgeous watercolor-and-ink illustrations, Ethan M. Aldridge has created an expansive fantasy with all the makings of a classic, grounded in the story of two boys—one a human and one a changeling—who are both looking for the world where they truly belong.”—Andrew Eliopulos, executive editor, HarperCollins

Publicity & marketing plans: Custom video content; online and social media promotion; extensive school and library promotion.

Opening: “I hadn’t so much as twitched a finger before everyone of them was running.”

Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire (Book 1)

By John August

Roaring Brook Press, Feb.

$16.99 hardcover

Ages 8–12

Why the buzz: “Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire is one of those classic-feeling middle-grade adventures that make you want to believe in magic. Like the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, you start in the real world with people so familiar they could be your neighbors. But then the fantasy creeps in—strange little creatures, nightmarish monsters, and lights that fly up in a snap of a finger—and you’re suddenly in an incredible world.”—Connie Hsu, executive editor, Roaring Brook Press

Publicity & marketing plans: Author tour; pre-pub dinner tour.

Opening: “It didn’t look like a house at all.”

Hurricane Child

By Kheryn Callender

Scholastic Press, Mar.

$17.99 hardcover

Ages: 8–12

Why the buzz: “Kheryn Callender’s singular voice and storytelling have come together to create the perfect storm of a novel. Kheryn has crafted an exquisite multilayered tale set in the Virgin Islands. Hurricane Child steeps readers into a world alight with ambiance, magic, and folklore. It is a story filled with the blush of first love between two girls, the loss of a parent, the ghostly mysteries of island breezes, and what happens when a child finds out who she is when she comes to believe in her own power.”—Andrea Davis Pinkney, v-p, executive editor, Scholastic

Publicity & marketing plans: Select author appearances to support Indies Introduce selection; advertising campaign; social media assets; digital chapter sampler and audio clip available; feature on Scholastic parents, educators, and librarians social media networks and websites.

Opening: “My ma’s voice is rough and low.”

Aru Shah and the End of Time

By Roshani Chokshi

Disney-Hyperion/Rick Riordan Presents, Mar.

$16.99 hardcover

Ages 8–12

Announced first printing: 100,000

Why the buzz: “Aru Shah and the End of Time is the inaugural title in Rick Riordan’s imprint at Disney-Hyperion, Rick Riordan Presents, [which is] dedicated to putting the spotlight on gifted authors who want to tell stories based on their own cultures. And talk about gifted—bestselling author Roshani Chokshi has woven a breathlessly paced, hilarious, and imaginative quest adventure with elements of Hindi mythology. Full of unusual characters and surprising twists, it celebrates girl power and friendship.”—Stephanie Owens Lurie, editorial director, Rick Riordan Presents

Publicity & marketing plans: Seven-city author tour; blog tour; floor display; online advertising; White Box mailing; author Q&A video interview featuring Rick Riordan; specially packaged teaser mailing to key accounts; pre-pub promotional blogger/vlogger campaign tapping into “The Percy Pack” (online ambassadors of all things Rick Riordan) with designated hashtag and sponsored BookTuber videos on YouTube; teacher’s guide; excerpt in The Hammer of Thor paperback and Trials of Apollo, Burning Maze hardcover; back of book ads in print and e-books across Rick Riordan backlist titles; cross-promotion with Rick Riordan’s social media followers, Disney Books social, Percy Jackson Facebook page, and Disney Digital Network; cover and excerpt reveal.

Opening: “The problem with growing up around highly dangerous things is that after a while you just get used to them.”

The Serpent’s Secret (Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond #1)

By Sayantani DasGupta

Scholastic Press, Feb.

$17.99 hardcover

Ages 8–12

Why the buzz: “Inspired by Bengali folktales, The Serpent’s Secret launches readers into a whole new dimension, as seen through the eyes of Kiranmala, an immigrant daughter struggling with her place in Parsippany, N.J., with parents who embarrass her (often hilariously). In the Kingdom Beyond, she encounters terrible beasts, fraught relationships, and characters who engage in treachery and speak in verse. Sayantani DasGupta has given us the best kind of adventure fantasy: transporting, relatable, and utterly inventive.”—Abigail McAden, associate publisher, Scholastic

Publicity & marketing plans: Pre-pub author tour; extensive advertising; book trailer; launch dedicated website; floor and counter displays; social media assets; digital chapter sampler and audio clip available; feature on Scholastic parents, educators, and librarians social media networks and websites.

Opening: “The day my parents got swallowed by a rakkhosh and whisked away to another galactic dimension was a pretty crap-tastic day.”

The Mortification of Fovea Munson

By Mary Winn Heider

Disney-Hyperion, June

$16.99 hardcover

Ages 8


First Printing: 35,000

Why the buzz: “I am giddy-excited about this truly strange, original debut novel. It’s funny, a bit gross-out, and full of heart (even if three characters don’t have body parts below the neck). It features speaking heads, pun-loving parents, kidnapped former friends, and a barbershop quartet. Mary Winn writes quirky stories without gimmicks that make me love her indelible characters: they can both wow and disappoint me, but ultimately, make me want to stay in this madcap world.”—Rotem Moscovich, executive editor, Disney-Hyperion

Publicity & marketing plans: Regional author appearances in the Chicago area; White Box mailing; school and library big mouth galley mailing; galley giveaway at New York Comic Con 2017; blogger/vlogger campaign targeting top book and entertainment influencers through a teaser mailing and content features and promotions; spotlight on DisneyBooks.com; promotion on Disney-Hyperion social media; blogger outreach.

Opening: “Dead bodies are the worst.”

Martin Rising: Requiem for a King

By Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney

Scholastic Press, Jan.

$19.99 hardcover

Ages 9


Why the buzz: “In Martin Rising, the Pinkneys’ richly poetic and deeply emotional presentation of King’s final months soars with the power of his spirit. Most inspiring to me, is how King’s nonviolent demonstrations are living proof of how we can all make a difference by engaging in our right to stand up for what we know to be moral and fair. And the ‘Now Is the Time’ section in the back matter can be easily used as a narration around a selection of ‘docu-poems’ to make an uplifting and inspiring classroom performance piece.”—Dianne Hess, executive editor, Scholastic Press

Publicity & marketing plans: Select author/illustrator events; advertising; social media campaign; dedicated web page.

Opening: “Baby boy born,

eyes sparkling.


Like Vanessa

By Tami Charles

Charlesbridge, Mar.

$16.99 hardcover

Ages 10 and up

First printing: 50,000

Why the buzz: “When Like Vanessa came in, I skimmed the pitch email and said, ‘Huh. I should read this quickly.’ At 10 o’clock that night, I finished with tears in my eyes and [was] totally enamored of Vanessa and of Tami’s book. The next day, I made an offer. Kids of color should see themselves in books way more often than they do. I knew right away that Tami Charles is one to watch.”—Karen Boss, editor, Charlesbridge

Publicity & marketing plans: Select author appearances; social media promotions; advertising; readers’ group guide.

Opening: “Pop Pop gave me my very first ‘Darlene’ eight years ago and a brand-new one every year after that—custom-made of pressed, dried wildflowers spanning every color of the rainbow.”

Ghost Boys

By Jewell Parker Rhodes

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Apr.

$16.99 hardcover

Ages 10 and up

Announced first printing: 50,000

Why the buzz: “Jewell Parker Rhodes lends her powerful voice to a timely and, sadly, timeless issue in Ghost Boys. Inspired by the deaths of Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and too many others, and examples of police brutality in the news, Ghost Boys brings an important conversation about race relations in today’s society to middle grade readers—one of the first books on this topic for this age group. Jewell has poured her heart and soul into this book, and we hope it will serve as a call to action for today’s readers.” —Alvina Lin, editor-in-chief, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Publicity & marketing plans: Author tour; pre-pub buzz campaign; nine-copy signed floor display for indies; digital, social media, and review advertising; book club guide and promotion; promotional author video and bookmark; reading community promotion; extensive social media outreach and shareable graphics; LBYR.com promotion.

Opening: “How small I look. Laid out flat, my stomach touching the ground. My right knee bent and my brand-new Nikes stained with blood.”

Young Adult

Children of Blood and Bone: Book 1, Legacy of Orisha

By Tomi Adeyemi

Henry Holt Books for Young Readers, Mar.

$18.99 hardcover

Ages 12 and up

Why the buzz: “I read Tomi’s manuscript in one mesmerized sitting, covered in chills, often through a blur of tears. This is groundbreaking fantasy, an adventure that sweeps you to a dazzling world full of spirits and warriors on snow leopards, but also reveals powerful truths about our reality. At its heart, this book is about how to reclaim your magic and rise up, a message we hope becomes a rallying cry for young readers.” —Tiffany Liao, editor, Henry Holt BYR

Publicity & marketing plans: Author tour; extensive prepub author appearances.

Opening: “I try not to think of her.”


By Jesse Andrews

Amulet Books, Apr.

$18.99 hardcover

Ages 12 and up

Announced first printing: 100,000

Why the buzz: “We are incredibly proud to publish such a wild and exciting and urgent book as Munmun. Jesse Andrews has created a language and society based on our own, but with several key differences, one of which is that money (munmun) is linked to a person’s physical size. He makes the differences between classes literally huge, rendering visible the often-unseen cracks in society that let some people take and take while keeping others trapped exactly where they are.”—Maggie Lehrman, executive editor, Amulet

Publicity & marketing: Author tour; pre-pub buzz campaign; print, online, and social media advertising; extensive social media campaign and shareable graphics; promotional author video; branded website; backlist e-book value-priced promotion; school, library, and trade conference promotions.

Opening: “Being littlepoor is notsogood.”

Blue Window

By Adina Rishe Gewirtz

Candlewick Press, Mar.

$18.99 hardcover

Ages 12 and up

Why the buzz: “Adina Gewirtz’s acclaimed debut novel, Zebra Forest, was a house favorite at Candlewick, and we’re thrilled to now be publishing the immersive, capacious, and timely Blue Window. Narrated by five siblings who tumble into a strange, demagogue-ruled world, Blue Window will appeal to boy and girl readers alike, as well as to adults who enjoy high fantasy epic.”—Jennifer Roberts, v-p of publicity and executive director of marketing campaigns, Candlewick Press

Publicity & marketing plans: Select author appearances; extensive ARC distribution; online giveaways and a social media campaign; advertising nationally to consumers and to school and library outlets; discussion guide.

Opening: “If Max were to begin this story, he would tell you that one day science will discover the seams of the universe, the edges where things lie side by side, unnoticed until they bump together in the strangest ways.”

Tell Me No Lies: A Novel

By Adele Griffin

Algonquin Young Readers, June

$18.95 hardcover

Ages 12 and up

Announced first printing: 30,000

Why the buzz: “Adele Griffin is master of the slow burn, and a genius at creating layered, complex characters and relationships that make you believe you could walk straight into the lives of those you’ve met in her pages. Tell Me No Lies swept me to the heart of the ’80s—the music, the art, the clothes—with a story of love and longing, deception and revelation that both depends on and transcends a vivid time and place.”—Elise Howard, publisher and editor, Algonquin Young Readers

Publicity & marketing plans: Author appearances at teen book festivals; advertising; consumer newsletter campaign; major galley mailings and giveaways; extensive online promotion and social media campaign, including countdown to pub date with top ’80s music picks; dedicated promotion to librarians and educators.

Opening: “The new girl arrived at Argyll on the Tuesday after Columbus Day weekend, a month late for the start of school.”

The Astonishing Color of After

By Emily X.R. Pan

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Mar.

$18.99 hardcover

Ages 12 and up

Announced first printing: 50,000

Why the buzz: “I feel honored to introduce a bright new talent to the YA world in Emily X.R. Pan. The Astonishing Color of After is superior in its luminous language, and the writing’s literary merit (with, for example, themes of poetry connecting to Emily Dickinson) will make this young-adult award contender stand apart from other books on the shelves. Emily’s novel is an exquisite portrait of grief that deeply resonated with me. This is the book of my heart.”—Alvina Lin, editor-in-chief, Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Publicity & marketing plans: Select author appearances; blog tour and extensive blogger outreach; pre-pub buzz campaign; digital, social media, and review advertising; book club guide and promotion; NOVL community promotion and webpage; post-pub social media influencer campaign; extensive social media outreach and shareable graphics; LB school podcast; LBYR.com promotion.

Opening: “My mother is a bird. This isn’t like some William Faulkner stream-of-consciousness metaphorical crap. My mother. Is literally. A bird.”

Twelve Steps to Normal

By Farrah Penn

Little, Brown/Patterson, Mar.

Ages 12 and up

$17.99 hardcover

Announced first printing: 75,000

Why the buzz: “Over 26 million children in America are exposed to alcoholism in their family, and there are few books in the YA genre about living with this problem. This sensitive, authentically voiced debut novel follows a girl’s search for normalcy, acceptance, and forgiveness following her father’s troubled return to sobriety. She’s learning that while things can never return to the way they were, they can absolutely change for the better.”—Erinn McGrath, associate director of publicity, Little, Brown/James Patterson

Publicity & marketing plans: Five-to-seven–city author tour; select festival and conference appearances; pre-pub buzz campaign; cover reveal; advertising in March and April; major ARC distribution; Amazon Vine promotion; blogger, bookstagram, and BookTuber outreach; major social media campaign, including dedicated hashtag and shareable graphics; promotion on James Patterson digital channels; post-publication social media influencer campaign in April; cover reveal on Bustle.com.

Opening: “I used to think the worst moment of my life happened in eighth grade when I got caught stealing the latest issue of Cosmopolitan from 7-Eleven because I didn’t have four dollars to learn all the secrets of being a great kisser. I was wrong.”

Neverworld Wake

By Marisha Pessl

Delacorte Press, June

$18.99 hardcover

Ages 12 and up

Why the buzz: “I’m a fan of Marisha Pessl’s adult novels. In this, her third novel, she didn’t change her style or process in any major way. Neverworld Wake is a penetrating psychological suspense thriller with a sci-fi twist that pulls readers into different worlds that are connected to the here and now. As frightening as some of these are, the future is ultimately hopeful. I think readers will have more compassion for themselves and others after they’ve read this empowering novel.”—Beverly Horowitz, senior v-p and publisher, Delacorte Press

Publicity & marketing plans: Author tour at on-sale date; pre-pub buzz campaign and author tour; advertising; merchandising and promotional materials for retailers; “First in Line” pick of the month promotions; promotion at book festivals and at GetUnderlined.com and @GetUnderlined social channels; summer reading book club promotion.

Opening: “I hadn’t spoken to Whitley Lansing—or any of them—in over a year.”


By Neal Shusterman

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Jan.


Ages 12 and up

First printing: 175,000

Why the buzz: “When I read Scythe, I thought that nothing could top it. Was I ever wrong! From the start, Thunderhead grabs you, and then Neal expands his utopian world in challenging and mesmerizing ways. And when I got to the last 50 pages or so, my mouth dropped—and stayed open until the end. I have no idea where Neal will take these characters in the next volume, but that book can’t come soon enough.”—David Gale, v-p, editorial director, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Publicity & marketing plans: Author tour; advertising; digital promotions.

Opening: “Peach velvet with embroidered baby-blue trim.”

The Poet X

By Elizabeth Acevedo

HarperTeen, Mar.

$17.99 hardcover

Ages 13 and up

Announced first printing: 75,000

Why the buzz: “In her YA debut, award-winning poet Elizabeth Acevedo tells the story in hard-hitting and powerful verse of Xiomara, a teen growing up in Harlem who finds herself through writing and performing poetry. Elizabeth is one of the most exciting new writers to come along in a long time, and as soon as I read her manuscript, I knew I had to publish it. It’s fresh and revealing and focuses on a sympathetic heroine who deserves to have her voice heard.”—Rosemary Brosnan, v-p, editorial director, HarperTeen

Publicity & marketing plans: Author tour; extensive galley outreach pre-publication, including an IndieBound White Box mailing, online galley giveaways, and promotion at festivals and conventions; online advertising; extensive online promotion and social advertising campaign; extensive school and library promotion.

Opening: “Friday, August 24th Stoop-Sitting The summer is made for stoop-sitting And since it’s the last week before school starts Harlem is opening its eyes to September.”

Monday’s Not Coming

By Tiffany D. Jackson

HarperCollins/Katherine Tegen, June

$17.99 hardcover

Ages 13 and up

Announced first printing: 40,000

Why the buzz: “Monday’s Not Coming is the kind of novel where I am stopped in the hallway to dissect it after the story has left colleagues reeling. Tiffany writes an addictive and inventive read, distinct and complex characters, and a layered mystery that explores nuanced issues like gentrification and media bias against missing children of color. She keeps readers off-balance from start to finish—this is a master storyteller at her best.”—Ben Rosenthal, senior editor, Katherine Tegen Books

Publicity & marketing plans: Author tour, with festival appearances; extensive galley outreach, including a White Box mailing and online galley giveaways; online advertising; extensive online promotion and social advertising campaign; extensive school and library promotion.

Opening: “This is the story of how my best friend disappeared.”

The Dangerous Art of Blending In

By Angelo Surmelis


Balzer + Bray, Jan.

$17.99 hardcover

Ages 13 and up

Announced first printing: 50,000

Why the buzz: “The Dangerous Art of Blending In is one of those books that became a word-of-mouth favorite in-house. The voice of the main character, Evan, is raw, powerful, and funny. This book can be painful to read at times, but it’s incredibly hopeful too—as a love story and a story of finding the courage to be your authentic self. When Angelo came to our office to talk about his own experience and how it inspired the novel, there was not a dry eye in the house.”—Alessandra Balzer, v-p, co-publisher, Balzer + Bray

Publicity & marketing plans: Author appearances; social media advertising campaign; custom author video content; online and social media promotion; extensive school and library promotion.

Opening: “I should’ve guessed something was up when I was walking home. There were cars parked all down my street.”

The Belles

By Dhonielle Clayton

Freeform, Feb.

$17.99 hardcover

Ages 14–18

Announced first Printing: 100,000

Why the buzz: “Dhonielle Clayton’s The Belles breaks the mold in so many ways. It’s a lushly written story that is exciting and plot driven with flawed characters and intense conflict, but it also raises important questions about feminism, identity, and the price we all pay by simply existing in our beauty-obsessed society. I can’t wait for readers to fall in love with, and be inspired by, this novel.”—Kieran Viola, senior editor, Disney-Hyperion and Freeform Books

Publicity & marketing plans: Four-city author tour with school and library events; online advertising; White Box mailing; school and library big mouth galley mailing; nine-copy floor display; promotional blogger/vlogger campaign targeting select young adult influencers (bookish, lifestyle, entertainment, and YouTubers) for teaser mailings, content features, and giveaways; promotion on HyperionTeens.com and social media and through Freeform’s social accounts; cross-promotion through author social media; cover reveal with excerpt; cross-promotion with We Need Diverse Books.

Opening: “We all turned sixteen today, and for any normal girl that would mean raspberry and lemon macarons and tiny pastel blimps and pink champagne and card games.”

Furyborn, Book 1 in the Empirium Trilogy

By Claire Legrand

Sourcebooks Fire, May

$18.99 hardcover

Ages 14–18

Announced first printing: 75,000

Why the buzz: “I’ve been a fan of Claire Legrand since her first book, The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls, published five years ago. When I got her YA fantasy, Furyborn, on submission, I wasn’t disappointed. Claire has created two fierce, flawed, complex, and compelling heroines. And her fantastic world-building is the perfect canvas to showcase them. It’s original and unputdownable, and I truly think it will capture the heart of anyone who reads it.”—Annie Berger, editor, Sourcebooks Jabberwocky and Sourcebooks Fire

Publicity & marketing plans: Author tour, including festivals; advertising; pre-pub buzz campaign; cover reveal on Bustle.com; large ARC distribution; series website with exclusive content; major BookTuber and bookstagrammer promotions; book trailer.

Opening: “The queen stopped screaming just after midnight.”

Love, Hate and Other Filters

By Samira Ahmed

Soho Teen, Jan.

$18.99 hardcover

Ages 14 and up

Why the buzz: “I’m most excited for readers to meet Maya Aziz because of what she has in common with every teenager in real life: she doesn’t fit a single neat description. Maya’s authenticity derives from her humanity, her complexity, the nuance with which she is portrayed—and (not unimportantly) her adolescence. She is not wise beyond her years. Her response to the events and forces outside her control speaks to her ​very real and fraught journey toward adulthood.”—Daniel Ehrenhaft, editorial director, Soho Teen

Publicity & marketing plans: Author tour; Facebook and AdWords advertising.

Opening: “Destiny sucks. Sure, it can be all heart bursting and undeniable and Bollywood dance numbers and meet me at the Empire State Building.”

The Chaos of Standing Still

By Jessica Brody

Simon Pulse, available

$17.99 hardcover

Ages 14 and up

First printing: 40,000

Why the buzz: “Whether readers connect with Ryn’s grief, her search for self-identity, or her beautiful fall into the scary world of love, there is something for everyone in this book. It’s a story filled with heart and humor, but most importantly, The Chaos of Standing Still—an Indie Next selection—shines a light on the remarkable impact the kindness of strangers can have on each and every one of us.”—Nicole Ellul, associate editor, Simon Pulse

Publicity & marketing plans: Author bookstore and book festival appearances; digital promotion.

Opening: “The view from the window seat 27F is like trying to look through a snow globe after you’ve shaken it so hard the artificial flakes don’t know which way is down.”

Emergency Contact

By Mary H. K. Choi

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Mar.

$17.99 hardcover

Ages 14 and up

First printing: 125,000

Why the buzz: “Penny and Sam are a couple for our time. They communicate mostly via text, rarely meet in person, and they have big dreams, but no clear path to achieve them. Despite it all, they have the sweetest romance. Emergency Contact is about finding, in the most unlikely manner, at the most unlikely time, that one person you can depend on. And whenever Penny and Sam do meet IRL—well, it’s worth the wait!”—Zareen Jaffery, executive editor, Simon & Schuster BFYR

Publicity & marketing plans: Author tour; advertising; digital promotions.

Opening: “Tell me something, Penny…”

Queen of Air and Darkness

By Cassandra Clare

Margaret K. McElderry, Dec.

$24.99 hardcover

Ages 14 and up

Announced first printing: 2 million

Why the buzz: “Queen of Air and Darkness, the final book in the Dark Artifices trilogy, promises to be a roller-coaster ride of cataclysmic events and emotions. Julian is my favorite character—all of that pent-up emotion and vulnerability in a kid who has had to raise a family all by himself! And Emma is the toughest badass of her generation. Couple that with the divisions threatening to tear the Shadowhunters apart and you have a novel almost too hot to handle!”—Karen Wojtyla, v-p and editorial director, McElderry Books

Publicity & marketing plans: Author tour; book festival appearances; advertising; digital education and library promotions.

Brightly Burning

By Alexa Donne

HMH Books for Young Readers, May

$17.99 hardcover

Ages 14 and up

Announced first printing: 75,000

Why the buzz; “There’s something very special about this richly imagined retelling of the classic Jane Eyre. Debut author Alexa Donne creates an amazingly original twist—setting the story in space—and delivers a delicious romance with high stakes. I couldn’t put the manuscript down, and I know that readers are going to fall for this engineer-turned-governess and her broody Captain Hugo just as I did.”—Catherine Onder, senior v-p and publisher, HMH Books for Young Readers

Publicity & marketing plans: Author appearances; advertising; deluxe ARC mailings; discussion guide; extensive blogger outreach; social media campaign, including outreach to Bookstagrammers and Booktubers.

Opening: “The gravity stabilizers were failing again.”

The Universe Is Expanding and So Am I

By Carolyn Mackler

Bloomsbury Children’s Books, May

Ages 14 and up

Announced first printing: 65,000

Why the buzz: “In ways both brave and unflinching, Carolyn Mackler tackles some of the biggest issues facing us today: sexual assault, body image, changing relationships, divided loyalties, social media virtual wildfire, and having the courage to blaze your own path, even if it diverges from the one you took before.”—Cindy Loh, v-p, publishing director, Bloomsbury Consumer Publishing

Publicity & marketing plans: Author tour; White Box mailing; advertising; major media outreach; a buzz-building social media campaign across all platforms throughout 2018.

Opening: “Froggy Welsh the Fourth is trying to get inside my jeans.”

You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone

By Rachel Lynn Solomon

Simon Pulse, out now


Ages 14 and up

First printing: 30,000

Why the buzz: “Rachel Lynn Solomon’s debut—both an Indies Introduce and Top Ten Indie Next selection—is a gem of a book, a story that gets at some big truths about life and death, love and hate, family and forgiveness. Twins Adina and Tovah Seigel are by no means perfect, but they’re real, and we’re excited for their messy, beautiful story to reach the readers who need it most.”—Jennifer Ung, editor, Simon Pulse

Publicity & marketing plans: Author events; digital promotion; library promotion.

Opening: “I used to think his touches meant nothing.”

And She Was

By Jessica Verdi

Scholastic Press, Mar.

$18.99 hardcover

Ages 14 and up

Why the buzz: “There’s so much to love about And She Was: It’s a beautifully rendered portrait of a teenage girl’s relationship with her transgender mom; it’s a skillful blend of dual narratives; it’s a road-trip adventure. What I love most is the remarkable empathy and grace author Jessica Verdi brings to each slice-of-life moment. This is an important novel for today, but it’s also a novel for every day: a story of family, discovery, and speaking your truth.”—Aimee Friedman, editorial director, Point & Scholastic Press

Publicity & marketing plans: Feature at teen festivals; social media assets; digital chapter sampler available; extensive social media campaign via #IreadYA Community; feature on Scholastic parents, educators, and librarians social media networks and websites.

Opening: “Time slows.”

Feathered Serpent, Dark Heart of Sky: Myths of Mexico

By David Bowles

Cinco Puntos Press, Mar.

Simo: $24.95 hardcover; $16.95 paperback

Ages 15 and up

First printing: 10,000

Why the buzz: “The more I read Feathered Serpent, the more excited I get. It is really going to be a great standard for Mexican-Americans, especially for Mexican-American students. And everybody else who wants to understand Mexico. Think Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology with sun instead of ice.”―Lee Merrill Byrd, president, Cinco Puntos Press

Opening: “Look upon our beloved Mexico―the ancient singers gave her such lovely names: Navel of the Moon, Foundation of Heaven, Sea-Ringed World.”

Frat Girl

By Kiley Roache

Harlequin Teen, Mar.

$18.99 hardcover

Ages 15 and up

First printing: 50,000

Why the buzz: “With a fresh, smart voice and an insider’s point of view, Stanford University senior Kiley Roache has written a sparkling debut novel about a college freshman who pledges a fraternity with a plan to expose misogyny and gets a lot more than she bargained for. With wit, warmth, and authentic characters, Frat Girl will captivate readers even as it informs on the struggle for gender equality that we continue to have today.”—Natashya Wilson, editorial director, Harlequin Teen

Publicity & marketing plans: Advertising, including social media advertising targeting YA readers, fans of contemporary fiction, and feminist fiction; early reader campaign to book groups and social reading networks; promotion through early reader review programs, including Goodreads; extensive social media promotions.

Opening: “The Stevenson Scholarship was magic.”

Source : https://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/childrens/childrens-book-news/article/75839-children-s-authors-and-books-to-watch-for-at-winter-institute-13.html

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