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More than four months after the journey began for 32 teams we're now down to four. You could have been in a coma pretty much at any point this century and come out guessing that Tom Brady was a game away from the Super Bowl. What nobody saw coming -- the three other quarterbacks taking part in the championship games: Blake Bortles, Case Keenum and Nick Foles

But hey, that's parity for you. 

Or, more precisely, the importance of building a roster of 52 other players capable of dominating for long stretches. That has been the unofficial playbook for the Jaguars, Vikings and Eagles' defenses for much of the season though the respective quarterbacks, in varying degrees, have been integral to their success. If Bortles' progress has been a pleasant development, Keenum's productivity has been the biggest surprise of the season. And Foles, who struggled as Carson Wentz's replacement late in the season, found his form against the Falcons last week. 

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