Top 20 Best Cheap Summer Dresses For Women

The breast cancer diagnosis was overwhelming enough. But then came the dozens of questions buzzing around in Patty White’s head, clamoring for answers. Among them: What will I wear after my surgery? It was 11 years ago that White, a resident of Norfolk, Virginia, went in for a double mastectomy as part of her cancer treatment. When she didn’t see any other options on the market for post-surgery clothing, she decided to settle for cheap men’s button-down shirts from Target. Her one wish then: more flattering clothes tailored for her post-operative needs.

Megan Sullivan has seen this struggle up close. In the winter of 2001, when Sullivan was just 9 years old, her then-42-year-old mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, a life-altering event that galvanized Sullivan to leverage her degree in fashion design and launch With Grace B. Bold, a line of stylish clothes for women going through ordeals like the one her mother experienced many years ago. And while options have increased since White’s surgery, more than a decade ago, most of the choices today are very “loungewear focused,” says Sullivan, a Cincinnati-based businesswoman. “Many of these post-surgery clothes give women the feeling of bringing the hospital home with them.”

The Betty bra from World of Pink.
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