This Is Flat Out Disrespectful! Plus Size Model Blasts Photo Editing App For Using Her Likeness Without Permission In Before And After Shots That Show Her With A

Tabria Majors, 27, from Nashville, Tennessee, took to Instagram to share screen grabs of BodyCamera's Instagram ads featuring her likeness

  • The model's figure is so heavily edited, it is barely recognizable, and she was quick to call out BodyCamera for the 'disrespectful' images 

  • 'If you’re going to use my image to sell your product, run me my coin!' she wrote, noting that apps like these are why people have self-esteem issues 

  • By Erica Tempesta For

    Published: 14:13 EST, 5 January 2018 | Updated: 22:49 EST, 5 January 2018


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    'This is flat out disrespectful!' Plus-size model blasts photo editing app for using her likeness without permission in 'before' and 'after' shots that show her with a ...
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