This Bridal Boutique Caters Specifically To Plus Size Women & It\'s Glorious

"At the store you didn't feel like you were being put in a different category," Mindy Rosen, bride and customer of Haute and Co., told People. "You walked in and you were treated like anyone else. They weren't saying, 'Oh here's your section over here.' My section was the whole store, which was awesome."

Another customer of the store called it "so powerful and amazing" in an online review.

The bridal boutique has been such a hit that Armstrong-Fowler is getting her own television reality series called The Perfect Fit. Obviously, it's about curvy ladies coming in to find their dream wedding dress without having to feel less than straight-sized brides. 

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This Bridal Boutique Caters Specifically to Plus-Size Women & It's Glorious
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