The Rocket Dogs

There are still about 100 animals found or turned in as a result of the Mendocino Lake Complex fire at the Mendocino County Animal Shelter.

According to shelter director Rich Molinari, “most are the in the ‘stray’ category,” meaning they don’t know who the owner is, if there is one. Molinari said he suspects a lot of the cats are “country cats,” felines that people gave food and water to but who they did not consider their own pet.

He said at this point he figures there’s a 50-50 chance to finding owners for these dogs and cats.

Specifically, the shelter has:

• 18 dogs owned (meaning they know the owners)

• 38 stray dogs

• 8 cats owned

• 29 stray cats

• 2 birds owned

• 2 guinea pigs owned

• 3 stray goats

Photos of all the stray animals are on the shelter’s Facebook page at

At this point the shelter is getting 3-4 animals a day still coming in, but 5-6 going out so Molinari said the trend is a decreasing population.

They have had a veterinarian on duty every day during this emergency making sure the animals are healthy and trying to keep the stress on them to a minimum.

Because of all the fire animals flooding the shelter, Molinari said they were able to move 55 adoptable animals already there elsewhere and gave a shout out to Oakland Animals Services, which took 20 cats, the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter, which took 17 dogs and 12 cats and Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco which took 6 dogs.

Molinari also said the shelter wants to send a big thank you to the community, which has overwhelmed them with pet supplies, food, treats, leashes, harnesses, collars, toys and more. He said at this point he has to ask folks to stop giving. They have plenty.

But they will be asking the public to help them out when the 54 kittens they have in foster care right now are ready for adoption.


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