The Rocket Dogs

Merrill and Taco are an unusual pair, but that doesn’t bother them!

In 2014, the two dogs were surrendered to a shelter. When Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco had heard about the dogs, they immediately brought Merrill and Taco to their center to keep the best friends together while waiting for a family to adopt them.

The rescue center quickly learned that each of Merrill and Taco refused to do anything without their best friend and knew that they had to find a family who would take on both dogs.

On October 20, 2014, Rocket Dog Rescue posted a photo of Merrill and Taco that quickly spread across the internet. What made it so cute was that the dogs weren’t just posing for the photo — Taco had wedged himself between Merrill’s legs and was poking his little Chihuahua head over the pit bull mix’s left knee.

The post accumulated thousands of shares and over 14,000 likes!

Keep scrolling to see the photo as well as learn more about their rescue story.

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