The Most Popular Haircut On Pinterest Looks So Good On Everyone

Our astrological or zodiac sign can say a lot about us. Many people who fall under the same sign exhibit certain traits which are shockingly similar. These could be specific behaviors, personality, ways they deal with the good and the bad, relationship patterns, friendships (or lack thereof), etc.

While we are all very different and all have our unique habits and ways, you will often find that people with the same astrological sign have traits that fall under the same umbrella of sameness. If you are a Leo and meet another lioness, you may see that you handle situations similarly or have the same attitude towards other people, work, love, or just life in general.

Many people take what they feel on the inside and exhibit it through their personal taste, style, and fashion sense on the outside. Most of us reveal to the world how we perceive ourselves to be from within. Part of this outward appearance is our hairdo and color. We tend to style our hair based on what we think looks good or what we believe suits our personality. Sure, some people just cut a basic hairdo for convenience, but even that shows part of their personality – simple, no-frills, and low-maintenance.

Without even realizing it, many of us choose a hairstyle thanks to the zodiac sign we fall under. And some looks suit certain signs better than others. But there are some ‘dos that are “don’ts” for each sign. Here are the worst possible haircuts, styles, and colors for your astrological sign. Be sure to tell your hairdresser that these looks are not for you!

*Don’t miss the bonus entries for special signs at the end!*


15. Aquarius: No Wacky Colors Like Blue Or Pink – Your Intellectual Side Won’t Be A Match


People who fall under the astrological sign of Aquarius tend to be intellectuals who are less free-spirited and more serious in their behavior. No matter the trend of the moment, do not fall victim to hairdo mayhem. Bright and bold pinks and blues may seem spunky and fun, but they are not a match for your intellectual nature. Stick to your natural color or a shade that is on the conservative side. You will not feel like yourself if you suddenly dye your hair neon green. And for the most part, it probably will look a tad freaky. Keep your hair color simple and the same goes for the cut and style. You are a no-nonsense gal who doesn’t need to follow trends or go the extra mile to be a winner.

14. Aries: Soft And Flowing Waves Are A No-No – You’re Too Strong-Willed For A Delicate ‘Do

Most ladies look lovely with soft, cascading waves flowing past their shoulders and down their backs. The common look is feminine and dainty, and nearly any woman who wants this look comes off as carefree and effortless. Sure, as an Aries, you would probably look good with this hairstyle too, but it just does not suit your strong-willed personality. It is too delicate for your bold ways. Go for something edgier and more “you.” A short cut would make you stand out from the pack or a bold color like red or platinum blonde is more like it. Talk to your stylist and pick out a creative cut that shows off your unique Aries personality. Don’t blend in with the rest, stand out from the crowd! The right haircut will make you feel more like yourself.

13. Gemini: Say No to Short – Your Duality Makes This Cut Too Limiting

Lots of gals are going short these days to show off their pretty faces or for the change of pace. A short cut may be cool, modern, and sophisticated, but as a Gemini, you don’t want to be stuck with a singular look. Short hair has its limitations when it comes to creating different ‘dos, so keep your hair longer so you have the opportunity to switch it up when the mood strikes. You can create an elegant updo, a half-up/half-down look, a sleek ponytail, a top knot, etc. Braids, pigtails, or buns are all adorable, and you can’t get those looks when your hair is super-short. Sure, there are always weaves and extensions, but that can be a lot of work. Don’t limit your look with a cut that won’t go the extra mile.

12. Taurus: Blah Brunette Isn’t Your Calling – You’re Determined And Focused – Pick A Bolder Shade

Brunette hair is very common and we see lovely brunette women every day, from every walk of life. Brown hair is perfectly fine, and looks good on nearly anyone who has brunette tresses, but you are not just anyone. You are a fierce Taurus with a determination and focus like none other. Brown just isn’t the best shade for a bold babe like you. You have the inner strength and cool confidence to pull off something stronger. Go for a wild shade like pink or blue if you’re up for the change and excitement. If such a unique shade isn’t for you, try being a redhead or a shiny honey blonde. Get highlights or go for the “ombre” look. As a Taurus, brown will pull you down. Uplift with a unique shade that will turn heads.

11. Cancer: Spiky And Stiff Isn’t You – You’re A Soft And Sensitive Creature


Those who fall under the sign of Cancer just can’t pull off a spiky and stiff do like others can. Sure, you may look gorgeous no matter your hairstyle, but as a Cancer sign, the look just won’t suit you best. As a soft and sensitive soul, this super-edgy and angular ‘do is not your calling – no matter how much your hairdresser tries to convince you. You need a look that’s far more laid-back, delicate, and flowing. Think loose waves, light layers, and a natural bounce. You do not need stiff gel, sticky hairspray, or tacky pomade to look your very best. You are more like yourself when you can let your hair down and let loose. Get an easygoing cut and let your hair and the good times flow!

10. Sagittarius: Avoid Intricate Hairdos – Your Outdoorsy Nature Calls For Something More Natural

Many people who fall under the Sagittarius zodiac sign are the outdoorsy types who live for the beauty of nature. They are not afraid to get down and dirty while exploring the great wide world around them. That is why an intricate style just won’t work for the nature-loving you who want to feel free while still looking fab. You need a no-muss, no-fuss ‘do that you can wash and wear or throw into a quick ponytail or slick on a cute headband for instant, easygoing style. When it is time to get going, you do not have the time or the patience to primp and perfect your look. You want to get outside in the sunshine and enjoy the world around you, not spend hours setting and spraying in the bathroom.

9. Leo: Simple and Straight Is Too Dull For Your Attention-Seeking Ways

Simple, basic hair is super-easy to maintain, but as a Leo, this relatively boring, ho-hum look is far too blah for a fierce lioness like you. You want to stand out from the pack with a hairdo that is far more noticeable and unique. If you have gotten used to your simple and straight hair, it is finally time to step out of your comfort zone and get a new cut and style that shows off your bold Leo personality. Go for a modern short pixie cut or get the popular “lob.” You can cut blunt bangs, or even get a loose, more modern version of the perm. Anything but simple, because Leos are far from it. Let the world hear you roar as you show off your magnificent mane!

8. Virgo: Say No To Trends Like Lobs, Lavenders, And The Like – You Are Too Cautious In Nature

If you are a Virgo, you tend to be a cautious individual who does not like to take risks or do anything too over-the-top. The same ought to go for the hairdo and hair color you choose. Sure, you may want to jump on the latest trend bandwagon, but it just won’t suit your Virgo personality. You simply won’t look right with purple hair or a shaved head – it’s just not you. And that’s OK – we are not all meant to be trend-followers or trend-setters. Stick with something that is simple and timeless. You know you will always look nice and never out of place. It’s OK to be cautious and careful, so let your hair show off the Virgo you were born to be. Simplicity is just as stunning as something more daring.

7. Pisces: A Blunt Cut Isn’t Your Calling – You Are Too Whimsical To Be On The Straight And Narrow

If you are a Pisces princess, you may have been told that you are whimsical and carefree in your actions and behavior. So why go against your inner nature by cutting your hair into a blunt and relatively boring ‘do? Rather than conforming, you ought to go with the flow. You would look best with cool beachy waves, flowing tresses, and a light and feathery overall look. You do not want your hair to weigh down your free spirit, so make sure you keep it natural and free-flowing. If you still love the look of bangs, get them cut in a side-swept fashion so you can play with different looks depending on your mood. Keep your hair on the longer side so you can maintain that easy, breezy beauty that comes from within.

6. Libra: No Wild Curls – You’re Too Level-Headed And Balanced For A Playful Bounce

Curls can be cute, but not every girl looks her best with such a spring in her ‘do. As a person who falls under the zodiac sign of Libra, you are a level-headed and balanced gal who would be better suited with a less bouncy hairdo. If you are naturally curly, you may feel more like going straight with a flat iron, at least some of the time. You may find that it suits your personality more closely. Libras are not always considered the happy-go-lucky types, and those with curly hair are often viewed as such. Playful isn’t quite your strong suit, but that does not mean your balanced level-headedness is a downer. Your hair says a lot about you, so curb the curls and think straight – both in life and at the salon!

5. Capricorn: Forget Perms – You Are Too Much Of A Planner To Worry About Out-Of-Place Curls

If you are a Capricorn, you may be the “Type A” sort of gal who always plans and schedules her day down to the minute. That is fine if such a way of life works in your favor, so the same should go for the hairstyle you select. Don’t go for big and bouncy perms with wild curls that can frizz or fall out of place. As a constant planner, you won’t want to look sloppy or out-of-control, so stick to a hairdo that you can take hold of. Consider a blunt bob or a shorter haircut that you can keep neat and tidy at all times. You can plan how your hair will look all day and you won’t have to fret about a single hair that may fall out of place. Curls can be adorable, but you are too serious for such playfulness.

4. Scorpio: No Bangs Or Bobs – You’re Too Egotistical For A Ho-Hum Look

Some ladies live for blunt bangs and boring bobs, but as a Scorpio sign, these dull ‘dos are no match for your over-the-top, big-headed ego. You always want to stand out from the crowd, not hide under a sheet of heavy bangs. Show off that gorgeous Scorpio face by opting for a standout style that does not hide your fab and fierce features. Pick a look that is a little out-of-the-box and unique – just like you. You know when you look your best, and plain old bangs just won’t cut it… so don’t get them cut! Neither will a conservative bob. You are always super-confident, so you could pull off nearly any look you desire. And if nobody else likes it, at least you will. Just ask the woman in the mirror!

3. Sagittarius BONUS: Don’t Go For Basic Brown Or Blonde – You’re An Optimist Who Needs A Brighter Shade

If you tend to see the glass as half-full and always look on the bright side of things, there is a great chance that you fall under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. If that is the case, why have a hairdo or color that is dull and drab when you are so full of love and light? Pick a lovely shade that brings out your aura, like a bold redhead or a bright, shiny blonde. If you are dead set on being a brunette, be sure to get some natural-looking accenting highlights or add some honey or red tones to give it some dimension and warmth. Get your hair off your face so everyone can see your wide and stunning eyes as they look at the world with rose-colored glasses.

2. Scorpio BONUS: No Buzz Cut For You – You’re Diverse And Need Options

You may be sick and tired of doing your hair and want to shave it off Britney-style, but before you grab the razor or clippers, consider the outcome. A bald head isn’t for the faint of heart and you will most likely regret going for the buzz cut. If you are a Scorpio, in particular, a buzzed head is most certainly not your calling. You are a diverse individual who needs options, both in life and when it comes to doing your hair. With a buzz cut, there is basically only one option, until the hair grows back in. Don’t make an impulsive mistake and take it all off. It will take a very long time to grow back. Go for a ponytail if you are having a bad hair day. You’ll thank yourself for not turning into Mr. (or Ms.) Clean.

1. Taurus BONUS: Don’t Try Trends Like A Shaved Side – You Crave Simplicity

Lots of trendy types are testing the waters with a shaved side head – a look that is edgy and modern. But as a Taurus, this rock and roll look is not for you. It may be tempting to try something bold and new, but gals under your astrological sign are simpler types who fare better with the tried and true ‘dos. Classic is your calling. Go for a sleek bob, a layered simple ‘do, or even a cute pixie cut, but leave those sides alone. A bare skull can be frightening and just won’t suit your simplistic nature when it comes to style. Let the other signs do their thing and shave if they want to, but keep all your hair where it suits you best… on your head (both sides).


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