The Most Flattering Swimsuits For Every Body Type

We all love to enjoy the summer season by visiting beaches or attending pool parties. Although year after year, during the cold months we are always looking forward to the high temperatures, we are also concerned about how our body looks after having delicious delicacies during the festivities.

Although an express diet is only effective in the short term, knowing your body type and wearing bathing suits according to it, is always the best solution.

Celebrity stylist

Karla Birbragher shares incredible styles and mix-and-match options to choose from Target, in a beachside style session dedicated just to 2017 swim trends. 

“One of the most frequently asked questions was how to choose a bathing suit according to your body type,” Karla said. “First and foremost, it is very important to know your body and what works for you. Take time to try on different swimsuit styles to see what makes you feel good.”

To help you, Karla put together a guide to swimsuits that are flattering for a range of body types:


    Athletic: "I recommend a halter-styled swimsuit, which is so in style right now. It will help enhance your body’s shape."

  • Pear: "For the pear-shape girl, like myself, I think the high-waisted bottoms are a great option. They cinch you in the waist, which is always a plus! Who doesn't want to accentuate their small waist and curvaceous hips?!"

  • Apple: "I suggest trying a one-piece that has some kind of paneling on the sides or sheer accents, because they will help shape and mold the figure."

  • Hourglass: "A crop top style will help give you support on top. I also think one-pieces with a v-cut in the front and tie-up paneling on the sides work very well for an hourglass shape."

Now that you’ve found the perfect swimsuit silhouette, read on for Karla’s tips on how to style the different trends!

Karla's Look #4 “I just love the combination of colors and textures on this bathing suit. This suit is so unique with the stitching and the mesh detail, and it comes together so beautifully. I’m all about aviators and I paired these with beautiful blue wedges to showcase a tone-on-tone look.” Photo: Courtesy Karla's Look #3 “My third pick is this beautiful lace two-piece from the bohemian trend. I love the pop of coral on the tassels! Such a pretty, feminine bathing suit. I added these lace-up pom-pom gladiator sandals because they’re fun and add some color.” Photo: Courtesy Karla's Look #2 “The second suit is also a high-waisted option from the tropical trend. This one in particular caught my eye because of the coral-based color and the combination of pink and teal flowers. I think a pretty pop of color on your nails is the perfect combination for this bathing suit.” Photo: Courtesy Karla's Look #1 “I chose the first bathing suit from the athletic trend because it was honestly my favorite swimsuit. The colors, the fact that it’s high-waisted and the mesh details on the side made it so trendy and chic. I paired it with a pair of black cat eye sunglasses and some tassel earrings for a look that will turn heads.” Photo: Courtesy

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