The Male Model Who Lost His Hair

And chill Hopwood did, until his former agent reached out. His agent told him a big American photographer whom Hopwood had never heard of was interested in shooting him for a big brand that Hopwood had also never heard of, but that he probably wasn’t going to get the contract. Hopwood didn’t think much of the call: His parents were going through a divorce, so he was staying with his girlfriend. Then they broke up, and Hopwood, at odds, went to stay with a friend. That was when he got a second call—he’d gotten the job. The big photographer was Bruce Weber, who would shoot Hopwood for the next issue of A&F Quarterly, a now-deceased periodical published by the big brand: Abercrombie & Fitch. A&F Quarterly featured beautiful photographs of young people, most white and many nude. Hopwood had been tapped for the quarterly’s revival (in 2003 Abercrombie had terminated the publication after a Christmas issue that promised “280 pages of moose, ice hockey, chivalry, group sex, & more…”). Just days after he got the call, Hopwood flew to Miami. He was broke, feeding on packs of seitan and cheap pizza until the checks started to roll in. “I was like, ‘Fuck yeah, I’m going to Miami!’” Hopwood recalls. “I’m 21 and I’m just happy to be there. Happy to be in the spotlight.”

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The Male Model Who Lost His Hair
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