Text San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art And It Will Respond With Art To Fit Your Mood

With that being the case, the museum can send works of art to your phone depending on your mood. All you have to do is text 57251, and send an emoji or describe a mood, and the museum will respond with one of its artworks.   

"We've now sent 2 million text messages in five days," Winesmith said to NPR.

However, it's not as simple as it seems. While most search for love or happiness and send flowers, dogs or cats emojis, if you get a little deeper, you may get a message that reads, "We could not find any matches. Maybe try 'Send me San Francisco' or 'Send me (ocean wave emoji)' or 'Send me something purple.' "

Source : http://aplus.com/a/san-francisco-museum-modern-art-text-phone-art?no_monetization=true

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