Teel Time: RGIII Vows To Be More Prudent After \'mistakes\' Of Rookie Season With Redskins

Robert Griffin III looked and sounded the part, moving fluidly and speaking eloquently. But as hellbent as Griffin is to start opening night for the Washington Redskins, he realizes that resolve backfired on him and Coach Mike Shanahan last season.

You remember the playoff scene: Griffin, his right knee clearly compromised, a helpless and hobbled target for Seattle’s defense. Maybe you yelled at the television, pleading for Shanahan to pull him. Or, perhaps you simply averted your eyes of the inevitable blow that sent Griffin, the dynamic rookie quarterback, to the sideline for the day and further damaged his knee.

“You know, we all make mistakes,” Griffin said Wednesday on the eve of training camp in Richmond. “Last season, we all understand that, we’ve all talked about it. It’s time to move on, we’re moving forward and hopefully moving up to a Super Bowl.”

After winning their final seven regular-season games and claiming their first NFC East title since 1999, the Redskins lost that opening playoff game to the Seahawks. Renowned surgeon James Andrews then repaired Griffin’s knee, and if Griffin can return to form, Washington could well return to the playoffs.

Source : http://www.dailypress.com/sports/teel-blog/dp-teel-time-rgiii-redskins-camp-story.html

Teel Time: RGIII vows to be more prudent after 'mistakes' of rookie season with Redskins
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