Swim Print USA Makes High Quality Custom Swimming Caps Easy To Order

Printed navy silicone swim caps from SWIMPRINT.>

Swimprint offer a selection of printed silicone swimming cap styles.  All those supplied are made from the best quality 100% silicone and can be personalized to give you the printed swim cap you desire.

All of our silicone caps are premium quality 50g weight. 

The most popular swim cap amongst swimmers, the silicone cap is easy to put on and take off without pulling or snagging the hair, it is soft to the touch, incredibly smooth and stretchy.  Silicone is a man made material and can tear with fingernails and rings so it is important to follow care instructions. If sharp objects are avoided a silicone cap is extremely durable.

Our minimum order quantity is 50 printed swimming caps.  That is because the process to create a printed swimming cap is complex and highly skilled.  We never compromise on quality, which is why Swimprint is the printed swimming cap partner of choice for numerous national teams, universities and schools.

Minimum order Quantity = 50 per print design

Source : https://www.swimmingworldmagazine.com/news/swim-print-usa-makes-high-quality-custom-swimming-caps-easy-to-order/

Swim Print USA Makes High Quality Custom Swimming Caps Easy To Order
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