Style Girlfriend Reader Spotlight: Joseph From Atlanta

Time for another installment of our Style Girlfriend reader spotlight series. These guys are mixing it up in the comments, chatting us up on Twitter, and even texting us on the reg. Want to be profiled next? Let us know!*

This week, we’re profiling Joe from Atlanta, who you might know in the comments as “Average Joe.” Thankfully, this Atlanta-based recruiter’s style is anything but average. Check out past features here, here, and here!

Below, a Q&A with Style Girlfriend reader, Joseph 

Name, Age, Occupation, City

Joseph, 40, Technical Recruiter/Recruiting Sales, Atlanta

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When did you first discover Style Girlfriend?

Probably eight years ago. I had taken a recent interest in updating my look and googled men’s style or something like that and came across Megan’s blog and was hooked. SG is still the first place I pull up in the morning when I log in to my computer.

Can you describe your “aha” moment about the importance of personal style?

There’s a scene in The Devil Wears Prada when Meryl Streep’s character is chastising Ann Hathaway’s character for dismissing high fashion. Meryl Streep explains how a couture designer will introduce a new color or style as a runway piece one season, and how two years later that trickles down to places like Banana Republic. I’ll summarize here, but she goes on to say that we might think we’re above the pretentiousness of high fashion because we thrift our style or bargain hunt. But if it weren’t for an artist taking a risk a few years back, we wouldn’t have the option to thrift the clothes we like in the first place. When I watched that scene, I hit pause and was like “wow.” I even went and bought the book and read it too.  (No shame!)

And secondly, there was a quote from Nick Wooster, who said, “Don’t be afraid to be the best-dressed man in the room.” This came at a time where guys in my generation/ age were all wearing graphic tees, cargo shorts, and flip flops; and we were self-conscious about showing up looking like we tried too hard with what we wore.

When was the last time you texted Team SG

Just this week actually.  I’ve got a shirt that I can’t figure out what pants to pair it with – I texted photo of it to SG and they texted right back with some really good ideas.

What does dressing well mean to you?

It’s a reflection of who you are on the inside.  I think most guys, no matter the style, wear clothes that represent who they are. Dressing well means being able to expand beyond that and maybe take some risks.

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What was your first million bucks moment?

Anytime I put on a suit or sports coat I feel like a million bucks.  It always feels like I’m putting it on for the first time.

Quick Hits

Favorite “splurge” clothing brand?

Hugo Boss

Go-to “steal” clothing brand?


Grooming product you can’t live without?

Safety Razor & Shaving Brush

The oldest piece of clothing you have in your closet?

A Bloomingdale’s Marc New York Winter Coat – it’s probably 7 years old.

Night in or a night out?

Night out with my wife

Signature drink?

Manhattan. But Atlanta has a fantastic craft brewery community so there’s a lot of good beer readily available too.

First celebrity crush

Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith’s “Cryin’” video

Summer wardrobe staple?

Lacoste Pique Polo Shirts. Atlanta is ridiculously hot and humid from May to September and you can’t be outside for more than 5 minutes without breaking into a full sweat.  A lot of people will wear dry fit work out clothes to compensate for this, but I think polo shirts look great whether you’re doing something active or not, and still keep the sweat away.

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Celebrity style inspiration?

Idris Elba and Jeff Goldblum



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Style Girlfriend Reader Spotlight: Joseph from Atlanta
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