Stop The Hype: The Real Value Of IBM Watson Is Driving Small, Incremental Business Changes

Suncorp has introduced IBM Watson into its online claims system that processes more than 500,000 motor claims every year, to help the insurer better understand the circumstances of the claim and determine liability.

Using IBM Watson's Natural Language Classifier, the system analyses customer descriptions of motor vehicle accidents; however, as the descriptions are often written in a conversational way, IBM said they often include colloquialisms and Australian slang that Watson will need to learn in order to properly assist Suncorp.

The technology is being used across Suncorp's Personal Insurance brands comprising AAMI, Suncorp, GIO, and Bingle.

The platform relies on Watson to conduct liability analysis and assist in fast-tracking simple claims, such as single vehicle incidents with detailed descriptions. However, if the incident description provided by the customer is limited, or there is a low confidence score from the system in determining liability, the claim is routed to a human to help with the decision.

The AI tech began production in June 2017, and since then the proportion of customers who were fast-tracked through the process has tripled, said CEO of Insurance at Suncorp Gary Dransfield, with Watson enabling claims to be lodged, excess paid or waived, and repairs booked within five minutes.

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IBM Watson to learn Australian slang for Suncorp claims process
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