Stay Safer, Bike Brighter With The See Sense Ace, An A.I. Cycling Light

While an environmentally friendly movement powers the burgeoning bicycle commuter crowd, technology advances in stride to help cyclists become more efficient and stay safer on the road. While navigating busy city streets at night, safety becomes a predominant factor — and the See Sense Ace is an innovative bike light incorporating artificial intelligence technology designed to reduce the hazards of nighttime travel.

No ordinary bike light, the See Sense Ace boasts patent-pending A.I. technology that tracks and responds to your movements. The clip-on device is available in either front- or rear-facing models, offering a brightness of 150 and 125 lumens, respectively. The frequency of the flashing light increases in brightness and intensity in situations requiring enhanced visibility, such as at intersections, roundabouts, and in the face of approaching traffic. The Ace utilizes chip-on-board (CoB) LED technology to transmit its high lumen output, offering distinct advantages over traditional LED lights. In addition, it reacts to ambient light, increasing output during daylight hours while reducing output at night.

The Ace is designed to work with a smartphone app that provides battery alerts, crash, and theft updates, in addition to bike registration and statistics. The Ace is See Sense’s fourth generation bicycle app, incorporating user feedback from previous models and enhanced capabilities. The Ace boasts more than 200 degrees visibility so that you’re assured a comprehensive survey of your surroundings. The device features smart battery management and 10 hours of consecutive runtime. In addition, the Aceintegrates Ant-plus technology, allowing it to pair with Garmin devices.

Ace is there to assure you have the safest cycling experience technology has to offer. Sensors constantly monitor external factors while also learning your riding style, making for a handy bike light companion you never want to leave behind. This version of the Aec boasts a processing engine with 46 percent more power. Other features include an automatic shutoff function, which causes the light to switch into a standby mode after three minutes without use and turn back on when the bike begins moving again. An IP67 waterproof rating guarantees it will persist through rain, sleet, or snow.

The Ace is versatile so that you can mount it on your handlebar, seat post, backpack, belt, jersey pocket or saddle bag. A $36 pledge on the company’s Kickstarter campaign page lets you pre-order one Ace rear light.

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