State Women\'s Commission Refused Permission To Meet Hadiya

Vaikkom: State women's commission chairperson M A Josephine has alleged that she was denied permission to meet Hadiya, the young woman at the center of a raging 'love jihad' controversy.

Speaking to the media she asked, "If the national commission can be granted access, then why not us?"

Hadiya has been under house arrest for the last few months.

The state commission chairperson had reportedly attempted meeting the young Muslim convert, who is currently being held at her own house against her will.

Josephine has also raised queries about the treatment meted out to her by Hadiya's father Ashokan, who allegedly refused permission to her to meet his daughter.

Earlier the chairperson of the National Women's Commission had met the 24-year-old woman and flashed a video of the young woman saying she is fine and healthy.

Alleged Love Jihad case: Kerala Women's commission says it has been denied permission by Hadiya's father to meet her.

— ANI (@ANI) November 14, 2017

Acting chairperson of the National Women's Commission Rekha Sharma had then said, "Hadiya appeared in good health and happy... She is not beaten up or assaulted. Nor are there any human rights violations or security concerns. There are three police personnel on duty at her house."

“All she wanted was to go out freely. And I told her I would have taken her out if you people were not here," she had told the waiting reporters.  

Earlier Rahul easwar had released a video where Hadiya was seen raising concerns on her personal safety.

Hadiya's case is being investigated as an alleged 'love jihad' attempt by the National Investigating Agency.  She is supposed to be presented before the Supreme Court on November 27.

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State women's commission refused permission to meet Hadiya
Kerala Women's Commission denied permission to meet Hadiya
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Kerala love jihad case: State Women’s Commission denied permission to meet Hadiya
State Women's Commission denied permission to meet Hadiya
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