Solar Eclipse: Here���s The Weather Forecast For The Big Day

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Solar eclipse weather: Where will the best eclipse-watching weather be in Alabama?

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Alabama eclipse forecast > 6

There are about three days left until what's being called the "Great American Solar Eclipse."

The path of totality won't cross through Alabama, but it will be close. Some locations in the state will be able to see more than 90 percent of the sun blocked out by the moon.

Eclipse in my backyard? Here's a nifty time/sun visual! Hoping for no storms/limited clouds. Remember to use eclipse glasses! [?] [?] #alwx

-- NWS Birmingham (@NWSBirmingham) August 1, 2017

But will the weather cooperate for skywatching?

It's still too soon to say for sure, since the eclipse will last about three hours from the very beginning to its end on Monday afternoon.

But early forecasts are pointing to generally good conditions for much of the state.

The National Weather Service has what it calls a "sky cover forecast" that predicts how much of the sky will be obscured by clouds at any given time.

Alabama will see the eclipse peak at about 1:30 p.m. CDT Monday.

The forecast for Monday at 1 p.m. CDT for shows the least cloudy skies could be in the area of the state that could get the most out of the eclipse -- north Alabama.

The cloud cover could get thicker as you head southward in the state, with areas in southeast Alabama forecast to have more clouds than sun.

But, asterisk here, the atmosphere is a volatile and sometimes unpredictable thing, and forecasts can change before the big day.

Everything to know about the Aug. 21 eclipse

Afternoon showers and storms are commonplace during the afternoons in the summertime in Alabama, and Monday will be no exception, according to the National Weather Service.

In north Alabama, which will see the more of the sun hidden by the moon than the rest of the state, there will be a 20 percent chance of rain on Monday with partly to mostly sunny skies, according to the weather service in Huntsville.

Partly cloudy skies are also in the forecast for central Alabama, according to the weather service in Birmingham, with the possibility of scattered storms.

In south Alabama there is a greater chance of storms, 40 percent or so, but in between there could be partly cloudy skies, according to the weather service in Mobile.

Get a forecast for your area from the National Weather Service's eclipse site here.

You can always find the latest cloud cover forecast for #Eclipse2017 at #Eclipse

-- NWS (@NWS) August 18, 2017

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Solar eclipse weather: Where will the best eclipse-watching weather be in Alabama?
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