Size 14 Model Reveals Trolls Call Her \'disgusting\' As She Defies Bullies With Body Confident Snaps

Plus size pin-up Iskra Lawrence has revealed the amount of abuse she is bombarded with on social media by vicious trolls who branded her "disgusting".

The model and body image campaigner, 25, is known for posting positive self esteem mantras on social media .

She celebrates her curves with a series of pictures on Instagram and refuses to allow photoshopping of her images.

But Iskra said her positive outlook on body image has made her a target for trolls.

She revealed she is called "obese", "fat" and "disgusting" by internet bullies on a daily basis.

The model - who was discovered through ELLE's Girl Search when she was 13, told Femail: "These messages don't just attack me but they attack anyone like me and anyone above my size and said that we were the reason the healthcare system is f***** up.

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Size 14 model reveals trolls call her 'disgusting' as she defies bullies with body confident snaps
Size 14 pin-up Iskra Lawrence reveals trolls call her 'disgusting' and ask if she has a disease EVERY DAY as she defies her haters with body confident snaps
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