Shopping For Plus Size Formalwear Is About To Become Less Of A Nightmare

“The formal options in plus are typically either ’90s, mother-of-the-bride realness or very prom-esque,” she said. “Neither is a style I aim for for a black tie event. I remember shopping for graduate school ball dresses with increasing frustration, having to pass over rack after rack of gorgeous sparkly options and settling for something black and basic (and that was if I could find anything that fit at all!).  One year, I resorted to styling a voluminous Marc Jacobs silk skirt as a strapless dress. Not a bad look, but I shouldn’t have had to get creative when I was ready to buy something off the rack. I also know my experience was not as bad as it could have been, as I was on the lowest end of the plus-size range then, and could squeeze into some straight size options if they had enough stretch.”

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Shopping For Plus-Size Formalwear Is About To Become Less Of A Nightmare
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