Rosemont College Online Announces New Masters Degree, Unveils Results From A Student Survey

Rosemont College Online (RCO) today announces a new online degree—Masters of Science in Strategic Leadership. This new online degree will give students the skills and knowledge to advance their careers, preparing them to understand and address strategic themes and foster sustainability in organizations. RCO's outstanding faculty will emphasize real-world issues and lead through a combination of leadership theory and practice.

RCO is also proud to unveil the results of a study that demonstrates a noteworthy portion of its online student population is extremely satisfied with the quality of education it is receiving at the online college. According to the survey, nearly 90% of respondents agree: "I'm extremely satisfied with the quality of education that I receive at RCO" and "RCO provides a commitment to quality education that makes its online degrees and certificates superior to other online programs." Nearly 80% of respondents agree: "I'm extremely satisfied with the amount of personalized attention that I receive at RCO due to quaint class sizes and individualized instruction."

When asked why they choose to attend Rosemont College Online (RCO):

· 61% say RCO offers the flexibility to advance careers through an online degree or certificate.

· 50% say RCO offers affordable online degrees and certificates.

· 22% say RCO's mission "The Power of Small" appeals to them, and they value the specialized attention they receive in the quaint online environments.

· 17% say RCO will help them make a career change or pursue a position in a different industry.

· 17% say RCO will help deepen their expertise in a chosen discipline.

· 11% say RCO's faculty is comprised of experts and professionals in their respective fields, which will help teach them through real-world examples and lessons.

When asked if they would recommend RCO to another person thinking about pursing higher education, nearly 80% of respondents say they would recommend RCO. Additional key survey findings include:

· 72% of respondents are currently employed full time

· 61% of respondents believe they will be employed in their field of study after graduation

· 61% of respondents were women and 39% were men

· 50% of respondents were age 25-34 and 44% were age 35-64

"We're proud to offer our online students a Masters in Strategic Leadership so they can develop in areas that will make a difference in today's world and be prepared to lead their organization to success," said Bobbijo Grillo Pinnelli, Director of Online Learning. "We're also extremely proud that our students are genuinely satisfied due to the quality of the course designs, quality and commitment of our instructors, and RCO's commitment to maintaining the mentoring approach with its online students."

This announcement comes at a time when online education is becoming an accepted part of higher education. According to Learning House, 33.5 percent of higher education students take at least one online course and many prestigious institutions in the U.S. offer online courses and degrees. RCO offers students five Masters degrees and four certificates in a range of disciplines, including: three unique Masters of Business Administration degrees, MS in Healthcare Administration, and Graduate Certificates in Healthcare Administration, Leadership Studies, Entrepreneurship, and Forensic Psychology. The college currently has a partnership with CHOP, Independence Blue Cross (IBC), and is the preferred online provider of educational services to IBX employees.

"Our students are sophisticated and dedicated to online learning, which helps them achieve their desired results—whether it is a degree, certificate, or promotion," said Susan Chally, faculty at Rosemont College Online. "In an online environment, we're able to attract international students that bring a unique and worldly perspective to the table that students wouldn't be exposed to otherwise."

"The students at Rosemont College Online are highly engaged and passionate about what they are learning. They get hands-on experience with interactive and digital technologies that prepare them to make groundbreaking advancements in their careers," said Craig Loundas, faculty at Rosemont College Online. "RCO affords them the chance to be creative, innovative, and develop an online community of peers. With the power of small, we don't overwhelm students and appeal to people who really want to learn, which can make all the difference in the world."

To view an infographic containing information from the RCO survey, please visit:

To learn more about the survey, email Bobbijo G. Pinnelli, Director of Online Learning, SGPS, at


Rosemont College Online (RCO) conducted this survey online within the United States in November 2014, among the online colleges' current student body.

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Rosemont College Online (RCO) offers a range of study options, including online degrees and online programs. RCO is the online division of Rosemont College, a community of learners dedicated to excellence and joy in the pursuit of knowledge. The college seeks to develop in all members of the community open and critical minds, as well as the ability to make reasoned moral decisions. Rooted in Catholicism, and guided by the educational principles of Cornelia Connelly and the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, Rosemont College values trust in and reverence for the dignity of each person, diversity in human culture and experience, and persistence and courage in the promoting justice with compassion. Learn more about Rosemont College Online:

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Rosemont College Online Announces New Masters Degree, Unveils Results From a Student Survey
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