Posing Plus Sized Models To Help Them Look Their Best

Bidot reflected on one of the first times she posed nude and how accepting her own body, along with the support of the industry, pushed her to take it all off for the camera and that it proved to be a powerful experience. 

"They were like 'OK, this is what you are going to wear,' [and] it was this big headpiece and I was laying on this fur rug and I was so scared to see the picture. I had to wait for it to be printed. I felt so beautiful and everyone responded so well so ever since then I have been like forget it! This is my body and this is what I got. I hope you like it and i am not going to stop here. We can let that take power over us or we can just be powerful in our bodies and I have learned to love my body with all the flaws and i totally embrace it and i am not shy about it at  all".

The brunette beauty credits her mother as teaching her everything she knows but also counts some of Hollywood's most famous females as having a huge influence on her life. 

"Amazing women like

Salma Hayek,

Jennifer Lopez, and

Drew Barrymore who I grew up admiring and loving and now they have families and they are successful and powerful and they built empires and I think those are the type of women who I look up to is women who that never let anything any no they have challenged everything you know they never let a no get in the way and they always fought really hard about what they believe in. I love that power."

And one day we may just see her sharing the big screen with the big screen with Salma, J.Lo and Drew because Bidot is an aspiring actress and producer  who hopes to create roles for other curvy women.

But, until then we will continue to see her inspire on the runway and in fashion ads everywhere. 

Source : http://www.eonline.com/news/684950/plus-sized-model-denise-bidot-on-why-victoria-s-secret-needs-a-curvy-angel-accepting-her-stretch-marks-posing-naked

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