Posing Plus Sized Models To Help Them Look Their Best

The featured image above is a screen capture from the video below. All rights to WeeklyImogen. 

Posing. It is one of those things photographers worry about, clients worry about, models worry about. Just about everyone involved is worried about posing in some way shape or form. But this is especially the case when working with body types and individuals who you may not have much experience with.

Plus size models, also known as normal sized women, tend to be a common topic in photography circles in relation to posing and using poses that help these models look their best. Today’s video offers an excellent demonstration of some posing you can try with your plus sized clients or models to help them look their best in whatever scenario you are photographing them in.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CHsoxwdPdM&feature=share

Natalie Juliet is a UK based swimsuit model who has partnered with WeeklyImogen to create this video highlighting and demonstrating some posing. Now, the video isn’t really helpful in terms of giving instruction, it is more of a demonstration than a tutorial on plus sized posing. However, from a strictly visual sense, this video should be a nice help to those just needing some ideas and posing flow ideas for when they are working with plus-sized models in a swimwear setting.

But these poses aren’t just for swimsuits, you can take variations of these and use them in many other niches of photography as well. We recommend giving the video a look, even if just for posing inspiration. You never know what will flip a switch in your head and give you the idea that ends up being your favorite shot during your next shoot.

You can find more videos like this over on WeeklyImogen’s Youtube Channel, here.

Source : https://www.thephoblographer.com/2017/11/30/posing-plus-sized-models/

Posing Plus Sized Models To Help Them Look Their Best
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