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Week ended with a bang on Wednesday as Marc Jacobs showcased a dazzling 80s-inspired collection featuring vibrant hues, bulky adorned shoulders and jumpsuits.

But a small group of animal rights activists loudly protested outside the event, criticising Jacobs' use of fur.

Chants included: "Animals are not ours to wear," while placards read: "Marc Jacobs kills because you buy."

Back inside, the bare stage set was lit up with flamboyant shoes, bright taffeta ruffles and boxy suits - Grace Jones, eat your heart out.

Marc Jacobs NYFW outfits Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Marc Jacobs's collection showcased bright colours, bulky adorned shoulders and jumpsuits

Michael Kors also showed on the final day, closing with My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music.

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Marc Jacobs goes back to the 80s to close New York Fashion Week
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