Platform Crocs And Other Strange Signs Of The Time In Fashion

The Givenchy insignia was mounted on rather elegant metal scaffolding in front of the Palais de Justice. A crane-operated camera swooped high and low, causing the assembled crowd to cheer. The building's central hallway, with its domed and coffered ceiling, was the definition of majestic. It was the setting for Givenchy's spring 2018 collection and the debut of new creative director Clare Waight Keller; and the monumental architecture served as a silent declaration of the importance of the occasion.

Indeed, on Sunday morning, the city was accidentally given over to fashion. Personal cars were banned from Paris streets for the day with the aim of reducing pollution. So aside from the bus or tourist shuttle, the only vehicles snaking through the misty streets were chauffeured cars and taxis, most filled with editors and retailers. And fashion created its own little traffic jam in front of Givenchy, which only heightened the sense that this industry exists in its own little world.

And yet, when it's at its firing-on-all-cylinders best, fashion does reflect the world back at us. It magnifies those details that might be easily missed but which define a particular moment in time. It turns an emotion or a mood into something visual.

So when fashion shifts, particularly at brands that are so engrained in the culture - Givenchy, Balenciaga - take notice. For better or worse, the winds of change are blowing.

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Platform Crocs and other strange signs of the time in fashion
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Crocs on the runway, and other strange signs of the time in fashion
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