Philadelphia Cracks Top 20 In List Of Best Foodie Cities

The home of the Philly Cheesesteak was ranked among the top 20 Best Foodie Cities in America, according to research conducted by Wallethub. Philadelphia was ranked No. 14 out of a total of 182 cities across the country.

To determine where the best and cheapest food could be found, Wallethub’s analysts researched affordability, diversity, accessibility and quality for each city’s grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, butcher shops, ice cream shops, wineries, and even food festivals.

Philadelphia’s food scene was ranked 86th in the Affordability category and 15th for Diversity, Accessibility & Quality. Besides the iconic cheesesteak, the City of Brotherly Love is also known for its cream cheese, hoagies, Italian ice, and soft pretzels.

Wallethub is a website that offers personal financial advice.

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Philadelphia cracks top 20 in list of Best Foodie Cities
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