Pets Of The Week: Molly & Lilly The Dogs

In this edition of Pet of the Week, we were introduced to Molly and Lilly, 12 and 13-year-old dogs. Lee Chambers, Manager of Marketing and Communications at Dakin Humane Society, and Carmine DiCenso, Executive Director here at Dakin Humane Society, told us all about Molly and Lilly and about other events going on at Dakin.

Names: Molly (light colored), Lilly (dark colored)

Location: Springfield: Dakin Humane Society

Gender: Female (both)

Age: Molly is 12, Lilly is 13


Molly and Lilly are like sisters and need to be adopted together to be happy. They are our “Golden Girls” and they’re friendly and calm. We’re looking for an adults-only home for these two. We’re not sure if they get along with cats, so if you have a kitty, we can arrange for a meeting to see how it goes. Come meet them at our Springfield Adoption & Education Center.

Molly’s Profile:!/

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News/Other Events

50% Adoption Fee Discount on Small Pets on October 21!

For one day – Saturday, October 21 – Dakin Humane Society will cut adoption fees for small animals (non-dog and non-cat) by 50%! Been thinking about bringing home a guinea pig to let your kids have a first pet? Are you looking for a companion animal who doesn’t need as much time and attention as a cat or dog? Consider a “small” to add to your family! Smalls include (based on availability):


Guinea pigs









Weekly Vaccine & Microchip Clinic

Every Saturday starting at 9am Dakin offers a Vaccine and Microchip Clinic at our Springfield location. The first 40 dogs and cats in line are able to receive a variety of vaccinations, tests and treatments at affordable fees.

Vaccinations include:



Kennel Cough

Feline Leukemia

Other options include microchipping, deworming, flea and tick treatment and heartworm testing. For a full list of services, visit

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Pets of the Week: Molly & Lilly the dogs
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Pet of the Week: Molly
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