Pets Of The Week: Molly & Lilly The Dogs

Cordelia is a sweet 2-year-old pointer and hound mix with a nose for exploring. Cordelia is an energetic pup with a love of the great outdoors and is looking to be your plus-one for all of life’s adventures. This lovable lady wants all of your attention to herself, so she is looking for an active family without young children to let her be the wonderful hound dog she truly is.

To adopt • Apply in person at the Humane Society’s Best Buddy Pet Center in Maryland Heights.

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Pet of the Week Molly

Molly is a gorgeous 5-year-old domestic shorthair kitty who couldn’t be any more perfect. This cordial cat would love to be your weekend brunch buddy and then when you’re both stuffed with food she knows how to wind down with a mean nap. She loves to be petted and especially enjoys getting scratched on the head, but if you’re feeling feisty she’s always ready to oblige in a good play session.

To adopt • Apply in person at the Humane Society’s Chesterfield Valley Center.

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Pet of the Week Sabotka

Sabotka is a 4-month-old calico kitten and happens to be a boy — a one in 3,000 genetic anomaly making this lovable fella exceptionally remarkable. Like most kittens, Sabotka loves toys and would like to have scratching materials, like a scratching post or pad, of his very own. He would love a family that can spend lots of time playing with him, coupled with lots of snuggling and cuddling. I

To adopt • Apply in person at the Humane Society’s Macklind Avenue headquarters in St. Louis.

Last week’s pets • A dog named Bison is still available for adoption. Cats named Butterscotch and Luna have been adopted.

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