My Moral Conflict Is At War With Teacherken\'s

People's jobs, peoples lives, nay, even their profits, depend on growth.  So.  Get out there and shop.  Buy stuff.  Wrap it in expensive papers brilliantly displayed is stores that exist to showcase expensive papers.  Hang your house with tens of thousands of colored lights, ignoring the pollution, in a never ending competition with your neighbor's equally bad taste.  Shop to keep the season jolly.  After all, people's jobs, peoples lives, nay, even their profits, depend on growth in spending.  

It's a clever, never ending Ponzi Scheme, just as so much of the commercial world is.  We can only live if we impoverish ourselves, stock piling goods in a never ending search for "storage space".  Goods that have been imported from places that still do make things.  This ensures that business will pay the pittance of salary that will allow clerks, and cashiers, and stockers to purchase yet more imported stuff, encourage growth of businesses, opening new stores, and pretending that we have a viable and stable economy.

It is often postulated that there is no way to actually change the economic system we currently support.  We can only modify it around the edges.  Introduce regulation, exercise control through taxation and rewards to those who show good business acumen.  But, is this really true?

What would happen if we just said, "No!"  Not this time.  Not this year.  Now with my future and that of my children.  I'm not going to go into debt to pile a lot of imported stuff in fancy paper, under a fake, Chinese manufactured pine.  Not this year.  I am not going to contribute to the pollution and waste and pretense that everything is OK.

There will be a terrible shake out.  People will lose their jobs, businesses will fail, and the Asian export market might suffer a blow out in as much as we are the major outlet for the stuff they produce.

But could the result be a more carefully structured economic system?  A system of making things, of hiring people with skills, of paying for good products carefully made, and total rethinking of growth, with all of its unintended consequences?    

If we are really serious about saving the planet, and changing our foot print on the globe, could we consider beginning with a major reduction in spending this Christmas?  Not because we must, but because we should.

Some times a cure can only be found in radical surgery...

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My Moral Conflict is at War With Teacherken's
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