More Great Winter Gear Gifts For The Holidays

framesThese sweet frames make great gifts and can also turn a general display of flowers, chocolates and bathand- body products into a Mother’s Day-specific display. Mud Pie. 678.397.0170. CIRCLE #696
These days, it seems like the entire year is a holiday. Before you’ve finalized your costume, it’s already Thanksgiving, and before you can carve the turkey, it’s time for eggnog and Dirty Santa, and by the time you’ve had your after-Christmas sales, it’s already time to think about Valentine’s Day, then Easter, then Mother’s Day, graduation and, of course, the big wedding season. For a consumer, it can be a little chaotic constantly planning for the holidays, but it’s good news for storeowners looking to sell gifts and holiday décor. The difference between the winter holidays and the spring holidays is the extension of the celebration. Whereas Christmas and Hanukkah take up more than a month, or even a couple of months, of the shopping season, spring holidays are much shorter lived. So it’s even more important to stock products that are sure- re wins, and that also can be incorporated into other yearlong displays.

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