Millie Bobby Brown Texts Her Outfits To Ariana Grande, NBD

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Millie Bobby Brown is a very cool teen. She's on one of Netflix's best shows, she hangs out with Drake at awards shows, and she wears incredible outfits on the red carpet. But there's more! Apparently, Millie is also cool enough to be on texting terms with Ariana Grande, who kindly offered her some words of encouragement before Sunday's Golden Globes ceremony.

In a recent Instagram story, Millie shared a screenshot of a text chain from Ariana, wherein Ariana was so overcome with approval for Millie's dress that she started responding with single words. "Proud." "Gorgeous." "Stunning." "Bye." It was a good look, so you can't really blame her for the speech breakdown.

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In other coolest teen news, Deadline reports that Millie will produce and star in a new film series about Enola Holmes, otherwise known as the little sister of Sherlock Holmes. The movies will be based on Nancy Springer's Enola Holmes Mysteries book series. Here's hoping they find a way to have Sheriff Hopper cameo as Mycroft.

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