Meet The Woman Behind Nigeria’s First Plus Size Fashion Week

(Also, I got a great table-setting tip: tinfoil-covered fruit. I am telling you, it’s practically the best-looking thing I’ve seen all season. And something you actually could DIY.)

I was reminded of it later that evening when Federico Marchetti, the C.E.O. of Yoox Net-a-Porter, had a birthday party and used it to celebrate Luca Guadagnino and his Oscar-nominated “Call Me by Your Name” by holding his fete in Giampiero Boldino’s palazzo just next door to Villa Necchi — Villa Necchi being the extraordinary home Mr. Guadagnino featured in his breakthrough movie, “I Am Love,” and Mr. Boldino being the former creative director of Richemont, the conglomerate that just made a bid to buy YNAP. Got that web of connections?

As far as cultural and social voyeurism goes, it doesn’t get much better.

But if you’d like something to read, let me recommend (aside from all our London and Milan coverage) this piece about Christopher Bailey’s Burberry swan song and a look inside Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski’s dressing rooms. I think Mr. Weir may spend more time thinking about runway looks than me.

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And speaking of the runway — next week in Paris. Talk to you then.

Your Style Questions, Answered

Every week on Open Thread, Vanessa will answer a reader’s fashion-related question, which you can send to her anytime via email or Twitter. Questions are edited and condensed.

Q: I am a 28-year-old professional working in construction engineering, and I am extremely petite — about 4-foot-10 and less than 100 pounds. My office is very informal, daily jeans and a blouse is fine, but I am often mistaken for a college intern. I am already in a male-dominated “old boys’ club” industry, and regularly being assumed to be nearly 10 years younger than I am does not do me any favors when I am trying to be taken seriously. I am at a loss on how to appear fashionable, professional, knowledgeable, and look like I am nearly 30, all at the same time. I can’t realistically wear the high heels I would wear during non-work hours all day long. — Kaitlin, Boston

A: This is a tough one. I know how frustrating it can be to have people not take you seriously because of how you look (or tell you how happy it will make you when all your peers look their age and you still look young). While we get a lot of complaints about fashion not catering to plus-size or very tall women, very petite women have the same problem.

My first suggestion would be Brooks Brothers’ boys department, which makes great blazers and button-down shirts (as a bonus, they are the same quality and cut as adult sizes, but at a lower price). I had a friend who used to wear skin-tight pants with boys’ shirts that were a size too small to black tie events, and she pretty much laid those who saw her on the floor. Pair them with girls’ leather riding boots, which should come in all sizes and have the comfort you need, but look chicer than sneakers or ballet flats.

T’s style director, Malina Joseph Gilchrist, also had these ideas: “Try Stitch Fix, a members service where you have the luxury of trying on a style box of goodies in your own home. Reformation also has a special petite department that has cute dresses to wear with a blazer.” Another possible solution: tunics, which you can get tailored down into shift dresses without too much hassle.

Meanwhile, I’ll remind the designers I meet on the road that they are missing a part of the market. And if any other readers have suggestions, please send them in, and I will pass them on. — VANESSA FRIEDMAN

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