Meet Cocodune, The Swimwear Brand That Will Make You Love Shopping For Swimsuits Again

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If anything was ever going to turn me off from shopping for the rest of my life, it would swimwear. If Hell was a place on earth, it would be in the fitting room as I try to wedge myself into a swimsuit that looks good on the models but OF COURSE not on me. What’s worse is that so many great swimsuits are only available online nowadays, so if you want them, you have to buy them before you know how they fit or look IRL. If you share my struggles, then I have great news: a new swimwear brand is here to change all of that for good.

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is a new online swimwear brand that allows shoppers to try on each swimsuit at home before shelling out the cash. They understand that actually buying 10 swimsuits and, after trying them on, realizing that only three of them work, is a waste of time, money, and energy According to a press release, the brand was founded on two defining principles:

“Finding the perfect swimsuit should be an enjoyable, seamless experience, and…luxury quality and design need not cost a fortune.”

Customers can choose up to four styles from Cocodune’s offerings to try on at home with no upfront cost or commitment, and you selections are shipped to you completely free of charge! That way, even though you still have to endure the emotional and physical torture of trying on swimsuits, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. If you’ve ever given 

Warby Parker‘s try-on-at-home eyewear a try, you’re familiar with the concept.

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Each swimsuit is crafted from 100 percent recyclable superior Italian fabric and designed and handmade in Los Angeles, and who doesn’t love a good, old-fashioned, all-American brand? Cocodune features a whole range of styles including classic bikinis and one-pieces, bandeaus, high-waisted bottoms, bralettes, high neck tops, and more, ranging in price from $42 to $182 in sizes XS to XL. You can mix and match all the styles to your liking, and with the variety of cuts and colors, you’ll definitely want to.

Read on to see more of Cocodune’s offerings for yourself!

>Punch Hi Neck ($72)

punch hi neck>

Don’t underestimate the high-neck bikini. I got a fringed one last year (yes, I know, very tRenDy of me), and it’s saved me from many a boob sunburn.

>Fizz Bralette ($62)

fizz bralette>

Meet the cozy bralette swimsuit you’ll probably try to pass off as underwear or a crop top and wear around IRL.

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>Director Deep V ($182)

director deep v>Guys, one-pieces are totally my jam, and plunging necklines like this make them younger and whole lot less frumpy or mom-ish.

>Score Triangle ($42)

score triangle>

You really can’t go wrong with a classic triangle bikini.

>Vesper Bandeau ($72)

vesper bandeau>

Okay, so the bandeau is great, but you all need to hop on the high-waisted bikini bottom train. It’s by far the most flattering swimsuit silhouette I’ve ever worn, and if you’re at-all self-conscious about your stomach like I am, it’ll make you feel a whole lot more comfortable. And who doesn’t want to look like a ’50s pin-up model?

>Click here to shop Cocodune now!

(Photos: Courtesy of Cocodune)

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Meet Cocodune, the Swimwear Brand That Will Make You Love Shopping for Swimsuits Again
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