LG Display Will Slowly Enter Apple\'s OLED Supply Chain For Plus Size IPhones In Q4

Some have criticized Apple for not putting its cash hoard into high yielding monetary investments, on the assumption that it is sitting idle in low yield bonds and various government investment vehicles.

But I can think of no better way to invest than to secure the company’s long term supply chain and technology interests. The investment in LG is another example of the Bank of Apple investing its money wisely. The long term returns will secure it first in line access to chip fabrication, ensure that the factory specs align with Apple’s needs, and put Apple in a position of strength when negotiating with Samsung and other potential suppliers.

Tim Cook can fairly be criticized for not pushing the Mac and AppleTV enough. But he has a clear vision when when it comes to strategic investments of Apple’s cash. This is what Tim does best. Continued wise use of that cash will put Apple in an almost unassailable position as only a handful of companies in the world have the cash position to do this. Apple’s competitors should be fearful of what this cash hoard can do to their long term prospects.


Source : http://macdailynews.com/2017/07/03/apple-in-talks-with-lg-display-for-up-to-2-62-billion-investment-in-oled-iphone-display-lines/

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