I Can’t Stop Thinking About The Photographer That Got Mowed Down At The End Of The National Championship Game

Being a photographer means you need to get the shot that no one else is willing to get. You have to risk life and limb to get into an area that no one else can so you get a great shot. It is a gig that isn’t met with the recognition it deserves.

During the National Championship game when Alabama took on Georgia, one photog got on the wrong end of a players’ hit. It has kept me wondering if this man is okay.

In overtime, DeVonta Smith, a receiver for Alabama caught a touchdown to win the game 26-23. He was joined on the field by teammates, one of them being Irv Smith Jr. of Alabama. He tries to join in on the celebration but ends up knocking over a photographer in the process.

the photographer got trucked pic.twitter.com/qAMUebdn32

— Danny (@recordsANDradio) January 9, 2018

Smith Jr. is a 6-foot-4, 246-pound tight end but that photographer folded like a napkin. I haven’t seen anyone go to ground that quickly since Cristiano Ronaldo. That photographer needs to be in a position to take a couple of knocks from players. Instead, we are left wondering if this man has a family that we can send well wishes to.

We’re praying for you anonymous cameraman. We hope you make it through this tough time.

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I can’t stop thinking about the photographer that got mowed down at the end of the National Championship game
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