I Found The 9 Hottest Plus Size Swimsuits You Need This Summer

How do you feel feminine and empowered when everything about your body is considered "wrong" to so many people? I am 38 years old. I wear a size 20. My health journey is leaving my skin slack, laying over growingly strong muscles. A year ago, I made the choice to commit to my health and wellness, including the relationship I have to my body and self-worth.  As hard as it is, I've learned I have undervalued myself for years. Have you ever allowed others to treat you less than you know you deserve? Given them permission to do so because you simply didn’t believe that you merit a higher standard? In finding my authentic power, I am turning self-actualization into awareness of my own feminine, sensuous energy. For me, the idea of "sexy” is surface level. It’s an outfit that someone else approves of. It’s a label some strange guy throws on you when they stare at your cleavage. But sensuous? That starts from a feeling you have inside about who you are. It’s a given that this photo will turn into fat-shaming memes, misunderstood by those who see it without the perspective of my story. I don’t share pictures for them. I share them because somewhere there is a woman who needs to see a body that looks like hers. She needs to see a woman who is daring to EXIST in her imperfect, in progress-beauty. She needs to see a larger woman comfortable with a man holding her hips, her stomach. She needs to see cellulite and stretch mark and skin that is visible.  They key to happiness and growth is to not be ashamed of where we are. We need to know that beauty doesn’t expire after the age of 35. We need to accept that bodies that are changing shape have looser skin. And that looser skin is just skin. It isn’t something to be ashamed of. We need to know that bodies are allowed to be sensual in their varied shapes and sizes. People who are outside the social norms need to feel worthy; when we don’t feel worthy, we are less likely to feel we deserve positive change. To dream and work towards self-improvement. To take a chance and do something that benefits them from the inside out. **So many more pics and the FULL STORY on my blog. Link in bio. 🙏**

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Source : http://www.refinery29.com/2017/06/160560/plus-size-sensuality-sexy-instagram

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