How To Switch Up Your Occasionwear Wardrobe For The Rest Of The Events You Have This Summer

It sounds obvious, but the effortless addition of a pair of humongous earrings, colourful cat-eye shades, or punchy printed scarf has the power to transform your dress or jumpsuit - particularly if it errs on the simple side.

Case in point is Sienna Miller in this slinky navy Nili Lotan dress, which when worn with a silky Rockins scarf looks like a different dress altogether. 

The addition of a statement bag - think XL gold hardwear, jazzy straps, and vibrant colours - will offer a similar effect. Bag-pies will be drawn to it and therefore won't even notice that your're sporting the same frock you wore to the work summer party last month.

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How to switch up your occasionwear wardrobe for the rest of the events you have this summer
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