How Schumann Resonance Affects Your Brain, Why You Need To Know:

The Schumann wave has also been described as the heartbeat of the earth. The scientist R, Wever from the highly acclaimed Max Planck Institute for behavioural physiology in Germany did extensive research on the effects of the Schumann resonance on the human brain in the sixties which has been corroborated with many other scientific experiments since. It is a fact that the Schumann resonance has a major impact on our ability to function properly.

Before I share the results from this ground breaking, yet little known study I want to clarify  some common misconceptions about the Schumann resonance:

1) Schumann waves oscillate. The dominant frequency is 7.83 hz, however there have been oscillations up and down of approx. 4 hz which were relatively steady until 2014.

2) Our brains are connected to the frequency of the Schumann resonance.

3) Since 2014 the Schumann resonance has been rising. Since April 2017 it has been rising at a compounded rate with spikes several 100% above the new mean which presently is around 16 hz – 25 hz.

4) Scientists now say that the electro magnetic field of the earth has been gradually decreasing for approximately 3000 years. Estimates vary.

When W.O. Schumann a German Physics professor first discovered what is now called the Schumann resonance in 1951, he didn’t realise the immense importance of his discovery to our well being and in particular our emotional well being.

Schumann’s discovery was published in a scientific journal “Technische Physik” and forgotten about until another scientist and researcher, Dr Anker Mueller, came across the report of Schumann’s research a few years later.

Dr Anke Mueller had worked with another scientist, Hans Berger who had established the brains’ frequency as being 7.83 hz in experiments 30 years earlier. Mueller was surprised to find that the brain’s dominant frequency and the earth’s dominant frequency were exactly the same: 7.83 hz. Schumann and Mueller collaborated together with other scientists to further examine the co-relation.

It is now a scientific fact that human’s ability to function depends on being in harmony with the Schumann resonance.

Only in 2011 the Nobel prize winning scientist Luke Montagnier confirmed the importance of the 7.83 hz frequency with his amazing and groundbreaking experiments on water. {You can read the details of this experiment and the other research in my Holistic Feng Shui For Your Brain Course.}

R. Wever’s research proved that human life depends on the Schumann resonance:

In his experiments he exposed a control group of his young students who volunteered to participate, to an experiment where he tested the impact of the absence of the Schumann wave on the brain and the body. The students spent time in a fully insulated bunker which could randomly screen out electro magnetic field frequencies. The students did not know when the Schumann resonance of 7.83 hz was switched off. Whenever the Schumann resonance was switched off from the bunker the students become unwell with in a very short period of time: They displayed physical symptoms like increased heart rate and mental distress, like high levels of anxiety, depression and other maladaptive behaviours.

The moment the Schumann resonance of 7.83 hz was re-introduced the students began to recover.

What this highly important study reveals about today’s wild Schumann wave fluctuations and your brain:

Since April 2017 extreme fluctuations in the Schumann wave have occurred. It’s beyond the scope of this article to discuss why this is happening. Please >

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on the causes and solutions to the challenge. One thing is clear though: The increase in the Schumann resonance fluctuations is a new trend which will remain with us for the foreseeable future.

Let’s look at how your brain responds to these oscillations:

The brain is a wonderful tool’ Neuro science has proven in the last 10 years that your brain can adapt to many conditions if it is given the right strategies to change. The brain can literally rebuild itself. Neuro plasticity, as it is called, varies from individual to individual. It is a function of your early life conditioning and many environmental factors.

Lasting change does not happen over night, it has to be worked on with a regular practice

While we can say with certainty that your brain is capable of learning anything over time, provided the information is presented to it in a neuro-friendly way, we have to also accept that these learnings don’t happen over night. Your brain will adjust to the new energetic environment of speeding up energies if you know how to entrain it to the new situation.

Here is how it works in simple terms:

Your brain depends on being in alignment with the dominant frequency of life force in order to respond to your intentions. Your intentions are linked through the electro magnetic field. When you set an intention, like creating more consistent trading returns for instance, the dominant frequency of your intentions must be in harmony with the dominant frequency that promotes life, growth and harmony in your environment. When the Schumann wave suddenly spikes from its normal, dominant frequency band into stratospheric highs a dis connect to the temporary dominant frequency occurs. Your brain simply cannot adjust that quickly.

I monitor the Schumann resonance on a daily basis

Much info on the impact of the Schumann waves can be found on my YouTube channel and on my Face Book pages. I know from the comments and conversations with my followers that many of you have noticeable uncomfortable reactions around the time of Schumann wave spikes. Typical symptoms reported are: Unexplainable headaches, sleeplessness, tiredness, an inability to focus, general disorientation. Oftentimes there is a sense of temporary memory loss.

Research points to a new phenomenon: Memory loss, that had been solely contributed to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can be caused by depression. Depression is often a by product of environmental toxins and is reversible. Might the increase in the Schumann wave oscillations since 2014 be linked to the rapid increase of depression in recent years? From my own research I believe that there is a strong co-relation.

Clearly these symptoms are very uncomfortable: They add pressure on our need to maintain performance in an increasingly unstable environment.

These are facts we have to live with.

The big question is what can we do to help ourselves?

In many years of helping my clients to become more focused and harmonized I have realized that the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to create LASTING BRAIN COHERENCE.

The brain is similar to a muscle. It needs to be trained to work well. Alas, just like an athlete has to follow a regime that is both gentle on the body while strengthening it at the same time for best and lasting results, the brain needs to be trained, in, what I call a neuro friendly way to attain lasting transformational change.

The neuro friendly way combines inner and outer mental training:

By this I mean you create an environment that is relatively free from toxins, (a tough call in today’s world). We can re-introduce the Schumann resonance into our workspaces and homes. while building the inner muscle with a special type of guided mediation practice that entices the mind to think in new ways, become more self aware and release subconscious fear of uncertainty, anxiety and other value conflicts that exert stress on the mind, body matrix.

I am in the process of creating a new subscription service for a weekly online transformational guided meditation practice which will be launched in September. I believe the special meditation technique I have created,/refined and practiced myself is perhaps the best and most effective way to protect your brain and make you more resilient to the changes in our environment which are of a cosmic nature and not something we can fight.

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