Here Are The Top 9 Google Play Apps Of 2017 For Enterprise Use

Google revealed the Play Store's top apps of 2017 this week, sorting apps for Android into categories like Most Entertaining and Best Hidden Gem.

The apps "made our lives easier, our downtime more fulfilling, and our moments online more connected to others," according to the reveal page.

While some categories, like Best for Kids, don't pertain to business and tech leaders, others like Best Daily Helper can benefit enterprise users. The apps can help boost productivity or make it easier to create content for social media.

Here are the top apps with an enterprise angle within the best Android apps of 2017.

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Category: Best Daily Helper

What Google says: "This visually compelling note-taker makes checking off to-dos a pleasure. Create audio, image, text, sketch, or checklist notes — then pinch them into stacks, which you can arrange in customizable notebooks."

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