Here\'s What It\'s Like To Use The Amazon Echo Plus In India


Amazon Echo Plus: $150

Google Home Max: $400

What can it do?

Amazon Echo Plus: Amazon's Echo Plus can do everything a standard Echo can do, but it has better speakers and a built-in smart home hub. Normally, if you want to, say, control your Phillips Hue lights with an Echo, you have to teach it that "skill" — meaning, you go into the Alexa app and activate that particular ability before you can freely use it. In the case of the Echo Plus, it can detect and connect to stuff like that automatically. The Plus is a vision of the future of the Echo, and what Amazon's after: a connected smart home, controlled by voice, using Echo devices that are connected to smart lights and TVs and whatever else.

Google Home Max: If you're big into audio, the Google Home Max is for you. If you're not, the Google Home Max is very much not for you. This device is more of a speaker than a smart device, though it certainly does everything that all the other Google Home devices do. It's got Google Assistant built in, and you can order a pizza from Domino's (or whatever), but the real idea with the Home Max is to take on stuff like the Sonos Play 5 speaker and Apple's upcoming HomePod. To drive this point all the way home (get it?), Google introduced the Home Max with a video starring Diplo. If you don't know who that is, this speaker definitely isn't meant for you.

Which should I buy?

Whoa on that price difference. We're not talking about a $10 disparity here, but hundreds of dollars.

That said, though the Echo Plus and the Home Max occupy the same tier on their respective product line-ups, these aren't really comparable devices. The Echo Plus is intended as the main hub for your smart home (in addition to being a better music device than the entry-level Echo), whereas the Home Max is intended as the main hub of your music life. Despite the price comparison being obviously weighted in the Echo Plus' favor, what you really need to identify here is what you want this device to do. If you're looking to kit out your house like Marty McFly's house in "Back to the Future 2," the Echo Plus is for you. If you want an incredibly loud, clear speaker with voice control, the Home Max is for you. 

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