Guns And Pot: Which States Are Friendly To Both?

I've really liked the SiG P238 and its bigger brother, the P938. Either are smaller than the subcompact 9mm Glock 26, both are accurate, and the P238 recoils very little for me. Cons are that they're kinda pricey and they're single-action only, like a 1911. Not impossible to learn, but it'll take longer to make flicking off the safety an unconscious movement. Striker-fired pistols, like Glocks, Smith M&Ps;/Shields and what I have, a Kahr, are much easier: just pull the trigger.

The Kahr P380 I carry is extremely tiny and, within a Remora holster, is easily carryable in a front pants pocket where it looks to everyone like you're carrying a phablet. Mine isn't the most reliable---despite my best efforts at fluffing and buffing---but it's infinitely preferable to not having a gun. And it's so convenient to carry, as opposed to the Glock 30/MTAC combo I also have, that you find yourself doing it all the time. Remora also makes attachments for that holster to be used as either a thigh or ankle holster,

Riven. See Faila (Failla?) Photography's holster vids on youtube.

Kahr's various 9mms are only a tad bigger, and depending on the level you choose, not terribly expensive. I think list for the CW line is only something like $350-400. Other people like S&W's Shield or Ruger's LCP/LCR. If I were made of money, I'd love either a vintage HK P7 or a modern Boberg: both are north of a K right now.

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Guns and Pot: Which States Are Friendly to Both?
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