Five Style Tips For Plus Size Women, Courtesy Of Size 26 Supermodel Tess Holliday

#DoYouStories Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been obsessed with fashion. When my friends started reading teen celeb mags, I gravitated towards Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, and fawned over the editorial spreads that would soon become wallpaper plastered from floor to ceiling of my bedroom. I almost never saw anyone who looked like me in the pages of these magazines, but I couldn’t help but fall in love with the art and architecture of fashion, and the ways that clothes could evoke or communicate a feeling. As I grew up and into my own identity, fashion became a major part of how I self-expressed; my outfits were a way of communicating little parts of myself through subtle cues, colors, and patterns. Fashion only became a bigger part of identity when I moved to New York and started school at Parsons, but even then - the lack of visibility that I could resonate with made me shy away from pursuing a career in fashion. Fast forward nearly a decade later, and I’ve somehow been in dozens of magazines and this past week, launched a clothing brand with one of my best friends. These last few weeks have been completely surreal: everything about mine and Gabi's journey with launching has been centered around the idea of empowerment - that we all deserve to be seen, heard, visible, valued, and find joy in getting dressed. I feel hopeful and proud knowing that I’m creating something that the 12-year-old version of me would have found comfort in seeing, and knowing that Gabi and I are creating a platform which might make even one person feel less alone. ❤️ I'm so excited to be partnering with @Puma to share stories of female empowerment as part of their #DoYouStories docu-series hosted by Cara Delevingne. 10 participants who share their own #DoYouStories will win an exclusive experience with CD & Puma (all you have to do is post your own photo or video with the tag in the caption, tap tag @caradelevingne @puma @pumawomen, and make sure your photo is public!) @puma @pumawomen #sponsored 📸 @lydiahudgens

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Five style tips for plus-size women, courtesy of size 26 supermodel Tess Holliday
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