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Stillwater Coffee and Teas

Nothing beats sipping a cup of hot coffee or tea after snow’s been falling all night. While it’s no longer cutting-edge to infuse hot drinks, we haven’t seen a company approach the new age of wake-and-bake quite like Stillwater. Basing its product line on water-soluble forms of CBD and THC, Stillwater gained consumer attention for its tasteless Ripple product, which can be mixed into drinks and food. Using the same technology, the company has come out with a variety of coffees and teas infused with different levels of cannabinoids.

Starting with black, green and mint teas, Stillwater infused steeping sticks with doses ranging from 2.5 to 10 milligrams of THC and CBD; you simply drop the stick in hot water, stir a few times and enjoy. The new infused instant coffee, which comes in 10 milligram doses of THC and 5 milligram doses of CBD/THC, is even easier: Just dump the mixture in a mug, add a cup of hot water and stir. The light doses won’t get daily users blitzed, but the drinks kick in quickly, relieving morning cramps, sickness and other discomforts while adding a shot of caffeine to start the day.

Six Favorite Pot Products for FallWestword archive

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Six Favorite Pot Products for Fall
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