Fashion Trends We Are Carrying With Us Into 2018

It’s the most confusing time of year. In much of the country, the cold-weather onslaught is just gaining momentum yet we’re being inundated with images of all the freshest spring fashion trends. All of a sudden, your winter-appropriate wardrobe can feel, well, not that appropriate — or at least not that current. It’s time to lean into spring fashion — and yes, it’s totally doable.

Working warm weather trends into your look while temperatures aren’t all that warm sounds a lot more challenging than it actually is. Sure, most of us are not necessarily going to rock sundresses and sandals before June but there is, in fact, plenty of on-trend newness available now for the picking. From pastels to embellishments to plastics to prints, here are 11 shoppable ways for you to inject a little spring update into your closet right now — without freezing your butt off.

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