Fashion To Figure Gives Plus Size Style The Boost We\'ve Been Waiting For

What do you think of the current plus-size fashion industry?

"It’s evolving with more choices and every few years they write about the industry and its potential. There are some good online options now. But I don’t think it’s moving fast enough nor do we see the current state of the market as being satisfactory. Having been on the front lines driving the market since the beginning, we don’t feel the pace of change is in step with what consumers are demanding nowadays. I believe this is illustrated by the fact that many industry events and bloggers have to come upwards from the customer base rather than from industry down. We’re trying to change the pace at FTF and show that fashion is not limited by size. For example, with FTF you can make private shopping appointments online or in stores, shop any way or anywhere you want, and develop a relationship with a Stylist for advice on anything you wish. All this, in addition to amazing fashion items we’re developing and terrific prices we believe in. So, while the market is moving at whatever pace, we’re trying to do things at FTF at all levels to satisfy people right now."

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Fashion To Figure Gives Plus-Size Style The Boost We've Been Waiting For
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