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The best, the worst and the meh on the red carpet: Golden Globes 2016

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- It's a new year and a fresh awards season is upon us. Sunday night's Golden Globes fashions grab the attention of everyone who dreams of walking a red carpet -- and those who just like to dish about it.

Earlier this week, comedian and Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais issued a preemptive apology for anything he might say during the broadcast that will surely offend someone, everyone. I guess I could do the same thing for what I'm about to say as I pick the hits, misses and meh looks of this year's red-carpet fashions ... or not!

Eh, no need to apologize; besides, Gervais was joking. This is just my opinion, honed from years of couch surfing through countless red-carpet shows. And besides, being judgy under the right circumstances is practically my religion -- and definitely my job.

We love the Golden Globes. There is more latitude in what is acceptable for red carpet fashions than at the Oscars, so we get deeper style influences, bigger risks and more opportunities for mistakes.

We are seeing some trends on the Golden Globes carpet, trends that will carry forward throughout awards season. They include gowns in white, black lace, romantic, sultry ruffles, sequins and glitter and for those with the guts to pull it off, floras. Some stars skirted the line between more Oscar-worthy formal looks and the Golden Globes' avant-garde and edgier looks that we love to see.

See who who did it right, who did it wrong and who we appreciate for a good effort.

The Hits:

My winner for tonight is Jennifer Lawrence. Her husky-voiced, fun take on life is a little hidden behind her brilliant appearance Sunday evening. She looks like the complete movie star, a goddess in red. From her heavy diamond collar to her cut-out waist and the sweeping teardrop open back, she is gorgeous. Her hair, in a perfect chignon, is elegant without maturing her.

Gone is the raw meat and overdone costumery. I loved Lady Gaga in black velvet. She has the tiniest cinched waist in this elegant, glamorous and formal look with a delicate train. Her hair was bright and sprayed into submission, but I liked the whole look. She's doesn't have to be over-the-top to be fabulous.

Presenter Jaimie Alexander showed up in an interesting green-and-black geometric gown by Genny from Milan with a plunging wide neckline; not just neck, entire torso. It was elegant with a perfect fit. I'm sure her stylist is close by with the double-sided tape. One false move, and we'll have something else to talk about.

Gina Rodriguez, nominated for her role in the TV series "Jane the Virgin," rocks the glam in a gorgeous navy blue Zac Posen gown with a full skirt, architectural details on the corset and pockets. We love a pocket!

Laverne Cox does the white trend right. Her fitted column gown is flawless and unfussy. The high neckline, bare arms and understated jewels are fabulous.

Melissa McCarthy wins in my book. She looks fabulous and fit in flowing dark platinum liquid fabric from her own design collection. Her Empire waist and winged sleeves work. She looks confident, as she's taken her style into her own hands over the last couple of years. Her makeup and hair are fresh and perfect.

The Misses:

Rooney Mara might take my prize for least favorite. Does "pink seaweed" sound too mean? Her dress is a flesh-colored busy, sheer affair with too many things going on. There is what looks like little fabric balls, strips of lace and various things hanging. Top it off with her super-tight long braid that looks like it might just rip her hair out, and you have a red-carpet miss. Give the girl some Advil for the hair headache she's about to have. 

Eva Longoria mixes trends. Her white gown has a gem-encrusted neckline and a sequin floral design at the hips. I found the short sleeves, the bow at the neckline and the matching bow as a belt buckle, along with the floral, to be too cutesy and not a favorite. It just has too much going on.

Presenter Bryce Dallas Howard brought us sequin and lace by designer Jenny Packham. I think her blue long-sleeve dress looked great with her red hair, but it ages her ... a lot. She bought it herself at Neiman Marcus last week. Not sure that is the best idea when the pressure is on.

Actress Barbara Meier tracked down Cinderella and stole her dress. The weird blue, with the fireworks of sequins on the bust and the layers of tulle and sequins in the skirt, just sent me hiding under the bed. I just hope her Fairy Godmother is around to help her get through the "Fashion Police" ribbing that is sure to come.

Cate Blanchett, I do love you, but this dress is almost tragic. Who went crazy with the scissors? The elegant pink color is beautiful on her complexion, but the massive amount of fringe and the weird things it's doing, like a fold-over pucker across her chest is ... well, it's just odd.

Rachel McAdams is so talented, but her floral dress was no award-winner. It takes guts to wear head-to-toe floral, and this dress just looked a little fuddy-duddy. It looked a little like the paper a lovely dozen roses would be wrapped in. Her striped highlighted hair was a distraction, too.

The Meh (shrug of our collective shoulders):

I hate to say this, but Jennifer Lopez left me wanting something, anything. She is famous for taking our breath away on the red carpet with slits and skin -- lots of skin -- but her mustard-colored, heavy caped gown by Giambattista Valli was just pretty to look at. The diamonds and her hair were fabulous. She's giving us Jennifer the glam actress, not J. Lo the hot, almost naked pop star. I like her look for that.

Kate Hudson is another actor who always wins in my book. I love her laid-back style, but Sunday's look felt a little ice skater meets little girl's nightgown to me. The three matched pieces -- a wide, tight choker; a midriff-revealing tube top; and a super-tight skirt, all in ballet-slipper pink with dots of sparkle -- did not bring the glam. Sorry, Kate: It was a risk that didn't work.

I love "The Affair" on Showtime, but Golden Globe winner Maura Tierney bummed me out. She is so beautiful, but her dress was just so plain. The blue strapless top and plain, long black skirt felt lifeless. Her top-of-the-head bun aged her, and I'm left feeling kind of bored.

What was it with navy blue, long-sleeved gowns Sunday? Julianne Moore, I can't think of a time that you don't kill it on the carpet. But this evening's heavy sequin number, while showing off your amazing figure, was just too much. It even came up and grabbed you by the neck. My jury is out to lunch; I'm just not sure about this one.

I think I said enough for one night, and if you're wondering what happened to the men, they all looked delectable ... I mean wonderful (I'm blushing!). They wore their tuxedos well and gave us a few subtle surprises, such as gray with black, charcoal plaid and a black-on-black pattern. Bow ties were everywhere and I saw at least one three-piece tux. Thank you, Jon Hamm.

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The best, the worst and the meh on the red carpet: Golden Globes 2016
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