Fashion Focus: Linogija Pure Linen Designs

Discovering new places to shop is always fun.

I am a short person at only five foot three inches tall.

Finding clothing that doesn’t drag on the floor is sometimes a challenge.

When I first saw the gorgeous linen fashions at linogija I knew I had to share them with you.

Then I realized I could opt for the clothes to be customized to my measurements I was totally sold!

Introducing: linogija Pure Linen Designs

linogija Pure linen designs from land of rain - Lithuania

Disclosure: I received product and or payment to facilitate this article. I only recommend brands I personally test and love. All opinions are my own.

I selected some items to share with you.

If you fall in love as much as I have you will want to stay tuned for another article coming soon.

The second article will show you another look from linogija plus there will be a giveaway!

For today’s look, we have the …

Long Linen Dress from linogija

linogija long linen dress

linogija prides themselves on creating fashions of pure linen that provide refined comfort and timeless designs.

I agree on both counts. The linogija styles are timeless, effortless, and beautiful. They are also some of the most comfortable clothing you could wear.

linogija pure linen refined comfort timeless design

About linogija Fashions:

This loose fitting maxi dress with pockets is made in Lithuania and can be custom ordered to your measurements. You can also order it in your USA size.

All clothing from linogija is handmade.

I found the shipping to be super fast. I was actually surprised it arrived so quickly!

The fit is just slightly loose so you have room for movement which is very nice.

The materials which are linen and pure linen are breathable so this dress is perfect all year long.

linogija long linen dress

I love that the sleeves of this loose maxi dress are not too short. They nicely cover your upper arms.

The side slit is not too high but shows just a little leg.

linogija long linen dress

Easy Care linogija Linen:

My concern was that I have only owned a couple linen fashion items in my lifetime.

I was not sure about how to care for it.

So I was happy to find that linen clothing is one of the easiest types of fabrics to care for.

Since it is made from a washed fabric you do not have to worry about it shrinking. Yay!

Also, you do not have to iron it. In fact, it looks even better when crinkled.

If you want, you can twist it and wring it while it is wet to give it more of a crinkly look.

Then just hang to dry.

linogija loose fit linen dress

Styling linogija:

Styling and accessorizing is fun because you can do so much with this dress.

It looks great with sandals in the spring and summer or boots in the fall and winter.

Scarves look wonderful tied around the waist or around your neck.

Due to the roomy fit, you can easily layer with leggings under the skirt.

Yet, it is not too loose, so wearing a cute cardigan with it or a sweater is an option as well.

linogija loose fitting long linen dress

When it comes to quality linen clothing for women, I can not recommend linogija more.

Ladies, when I received my items, I was in awe.

Truly, when you have high-quality fabrics in your hands, you know it!

I honestly felt as if I had shopped at some high-end designer shop on Rodeo Drive.

Dresses not your thing? No worries, linogija has separates as well.

I can’t wait to show you the beautiful top and pants I received.

Also, don’t forget, we have a giveaway for you in the next post featuring those items.

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Do you own any linen clothing? Were you like me thinking linen was a hard to care for fabric? Have you ever owned any custom made clothing?

I would love to hear from you!

Please leave me a comment.

Better yet, shop now and tell me your favorite items from linogija! 

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Fashion Focus: linogija Pure Linen Designs
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