Fashion Blogger Spotlight: Angela Of 24 Plus Style

On modeling experience: This is my first time actually modeling, I have done a few photo shoots with hometown photographers but Torrid gave me the opportunity to model on a runway for the very first time.

On walking in NYFW: My first reaction was a very long pause. I was in dance practice when I got the call and I was speechless, shocked, excited all at once. I couldn't believe it and I knew at that moment my life, as well as the other finalist's lives, was about to change.

All the way up to the actual show I was nervous, I didn't want to mess up. I wasn't sure as to why I was so nervous when I have performed dance routines in front of millions of people almost every weekend. I thought, "This should be a piece of cake." And so it was. But I was nervous at the first part of the week and as I continued to practice my walk I began to get more comfortable and realized that I was about to kill this runway and let people know that plus-size women are models as well. Then, on the day of the show I went out there and left everything on that runway.

On breaking into the industry as a plus-size model: It is a struggle to break into anything while being plus size. I am a plus-size dancer at The Alabama State University and we experience so much slack and controversy just because of our size. All we want to do is show confidence in our curves and let other plus-size women of all ages know that we must love the skin we are in and to embrace our curves because if we don't no one will. Breaking [into] the modeling industry being plus size is not easy and you must have the confidence to prove to everyone that plus-size women deserve to model just as well as smaller women and there should be models representing all shapes, sizes, ethnicities etc. All of the people in the world are not a size zero or two, so why should there only be models representing people from those sizes? What about the people who are three to 33? Every body type should be represented some way in the modeling industry.

The most rewarding obstacle I have overcome is doubting myself. All the way up to the day of the fashion show I was doubting myself and comparing myself to models who have done this for years and I finally realized that I don't need to compare myself to them. I should look at them as inspiration to motivate myself and let go of all doubt. After I let go and just did it, it felt so great at the end to know that I just went out there and killed it on the runway for NYFW.

On inspiring a more inclusive runway: I would like the industry to know that models shouldn't just represent one body type. There are many different body types in the world so why not have different types of models to represent the different types of people in the world? Being that the industry has set a standard for so long, people cannot grasp the thought of it ever being different. So, why not change it up a bit? #PlusSizeModelsLivesMatter

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